Plasma global theme can’t uninstall community theme

Ok, I just installed eos kde plasma to try on my thinkpad. :wink: still running gnome on my other computer :grin:

First thing I did was to go to global theme and I installed the nordic them to try it out.

How can I deinstall this theme? I went on get new global theme and filtered installed themes but nothing shows up. I also went into /usr/share/plasma/look-feel but only see the breeze theme. The nordic theme is definitely still in the gui settings and available to choose but no way to deinstall. Is that a known bug?

Also the nordic theme makes all icons on dolphin disappear, do I also need to install a separate icon theme? Thought global themes include all in one…

Try looking in usr/share/themes :wink:

In System Settings under Appearance you need to go through all the options, not just Global Theme. There are separate settings for Icons etc etc.

  • Uninstall Theme

On the global theme page, click on get new theme. Once the window is open,you can select to show installed themes only. And delete from there.

  • Missing icon
    You can reapply icon theme after applying global theme. That works for me normally.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks. As mentioned in my post above, did that but no installed theme shows up…

Ah ok, so I need to find a separate icon theme in addition to global theme. Thought global theme includes that but it seems not. nordic theme and breeze icons don’t like each other. That was a bit confusing to me.

I am such a newbie :laughing: I always used vanilla kde just with dark breeze but thought I give it a tweak.

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It only shows breeze, breeze-dark, default, emacs and rayleigh.

No nordic. Why emacs??

What i had to do is that, apply global theme. Then, from icon theme page, apply default icons and change back to global theme icon pack.
Logout and login and verify if icon packs are applied properly.

For removing global theme, System Settings → Appearance → Global Theme → Get new Global Themes, then filter to show the installed ones only and choose the one you want to remove.
It should work.

Or check and remove from here.


Haha, beat me to it. It’s gonna be in .local! :laughing:

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Ok that worked, I had to install separately the nordic theme in global. Then I found a nordic-darker in icon themes and installed that too. Now it looks pretty decent. Not sure I want to deinstall it anymore now :rofl:

But for the sake of learning, let me try again

Cool! KDE is a bit nuts sometimes, but the results can be very rewarding :grin:


Ok it’s in there!

Let me check if I can also deinstall from gui. I personally prefer via terminal but for the sake of checking if it works.

Thanks for clarification. The only thing it shows There is no hot new stuff to get here? Will try logout and or reboot and check again. But thats clearly a bug to me, the theme should show up.

It was a bug, but fixed now.

Mmh… logout and also reboot, nordic is still missing from that window. I selected show only installed entries From the filter. When I search for nordic theme it also shows the install button.

Thats really weird. I recall thats why I never really messed with community themes. Sometimes they can be uninstalled sometimes they don’t. I wish they would just implement an uninstall button in the global theme window directly.

Edit: in the grand scheme of things it’s not that important. Glad they polish this DE as is.

Check this video:

If that doesn’t work then it would be prudent to submit bug report with KDE.

That whole KDE install GUI thing has always been buggy right the way back thru KDE4 even. It’s still crap! The better way takes a bit longer, but if you look up the themes in the AUR and install them via cli OR go to the KDE Store then download them and place the themes/icons/whatever in the relevant folders and reboot it creates much less hassle.

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And for kde theming newbies:

Yes that was the way I learned to do it. Was just expecting this to be fixed in the gui, they did so many leaps and may be good to fix to not put off a total linux newbie. Obviously I am just a kde gui theming newbie :rofl: but know linux and mostly terminal and config folders.

Btw, I though the accent color would be a small useless improvement before I tried it, I actually love it!

That being said, I was always wondering if any of you guys know, how can even someone create such beautiful window/global theming, it looks like that cannot be tweaked via gui, are themers doing that via scripting?

I’m not sure about theme creation in KDE Plasma. I guess the best way to get an idea would be to look at the various files within a theme folder like Breeze, as that’s an official one.