Plasma global theme can’t uninstall community theme

No there is no uninstall button for nordic. I just tried installing sweet kde. Logout and in again. Under Get Global Themes and filter for installed, none are showing up!

Would be good to know if anyone else who installs the new kde on eos has the same problem. I didn’t really install anything yet on this thinkpad, just eos online with kde, then installed libre office.

Makes sense. Many kde users are praising the configurability of plasma so I was wondering what they are referring to, just theming via gui or if there was another way. Would have to first switch back to kde and use it for a while to dive more into this.

Thanks for your help folks, will mark it as solved… found the folder with the theme in user config, and also know that I must have a bug on newest kde.


This is one issue i see with kde and that’s why i don’t tend to mess around with themes and things. I get something that works and i like and i leave it. Some of these themes don’t install or uninstall in the same manner as others. Some are a pain to remove.


Just encountered this today, installed layan but after typing my password for sddm install, system setting closes, checking installed theme dont show layan as installed but everything is available to use.

Seems a bug report was filed for this

I also noticed that, I wasn’t sure if it was me multitasking and closing that window :grin:

Well that would be a second bug!

I never filed bug reports (need to read up on how to file a good bug report), but they must have received a couple about the global theme menu.

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Yeah its the only annoying bug i could find, but kde is working great aside from that.

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