A Plasma Review

Don’t forget xeyes!

It is entirely possible that this bug is specific to my setup and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is one of those wayland bugs (although I’m in a X11 session; SDDM might start in wayland though). My point is that I expect bare essentials such as this to work out-of-the box and KDE doesn’t do the trick here. But to be fair, multimonitor is horrible on Linux anyway, so it might not even be KDE’s fault :smiley:

That’s one that was not always consistent. I actually plug in/out my laptop several times daily on different monitor setups and projectors. Strangely xfce has played really well doing this by just saving the monitor config in the display settings.

I’ve never had issues with multi monitor in xfce. Right now I just run 2 but I’ve run 3 in the past with no issues as well. Xfce has just always been solid all around for me and plenty customizable even if it’s not the nicest looking by default.

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Could you elaborate on how that happens?

In general kde works well but it is not bug free and that is my point. There are still annoyances for me else I would be using it. I do minimalistic changes to the system, mostly dark/light theme and perhaps add an icon theme.

Here after 5 min using it by changing global theming.

on hybrid laptop this

Using zoom (because of desktop effects or renderer):

Some of these are my personal use cases of course. But there are also basic settings.

I’m not sure, how that would happen, my only indication is that touch “works” in the loginscreen but it “doesn’t” in the X11 session.
Weirdly enough in a Wayland session unplugging and replugging crashes it, on i3/plasma only replugging it.
In any case, this wouldn’t be the nail in the coffin, I just like i3/sway better as my WM and as KDE doesn’t work with sway (yet) it has to go :smiley:

Little annoyances are not necessarily bugs! :beetle:

But the bugs are the annoyances…

If I install plasma and I get bugs by just adjusting the global theme and icons, and kde is praised for it’s customizability… Not sure what to say.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great DE and anything I get I am grateful as I haven’t filed any bug reports or didn’t participate at coding any of this.

Just presenting my empirical (subjective free) observations. :wink:

I agree some global themes are garbage! I don’t know where they come from but i just use the ones that work. :wink:

Edit: I usually just set my background and possibly use different icons. I honestly don’t find it that bad as it’s not something i typically am constantly changing. If a theme doesn’t work i just try something else.


I totally agree with @Kresimir apart from my preferred applications. For me it’s Kate & Krusader but hey, each to their own? If I were to go to a terminal only UI it would be a sad day cause they can be beautifu

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I agree, If a theme doesn’t work I will try something else. I’ve found that the more recently updated and regularly updated the theme the more likely it will work and continue to work.

I just found one :rofl: can’t use my DE without my avatar!

Yes you can …you just change a configuration. No extensions needed! :rofl:

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To me extensions are like what ppa’s are to arch. Hopefully kde plasma will not get gnomisized and start using extensions, but we never know?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ppa’s are on Ubuntu! :smirk:

A plasma vs gnome comparison. Click bait.

Reviews & comparisons of Gnome well… they are just Bloat! Or :broccoli: Some like it some don’t.


KDE vs GNOME: What’s the Ultimate Linux Desktop Choice?

You read the headline and instantly you know the bottom line:

It depends…

But everybody knows it’s XFCE
duck and cover

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Well at least it runs xeyes for Kressmir, since it doesn’t yet run under Wayland…so that’s a plus?