Nvme recommendations

im in need of 2 new nvme’s in the 6-7000 MB/s category, 1-2 TB, pcie4.

im reluctant to go samsung because of the recent degradation issues, too much hassle. and i had serious issues with corsair but that was a good few years ago

so whats good these days ? seagate firecuda? wd black? kioxia, kingston?
longevity and reliability is a priority

Western Digital Black SN850X Or Samsung 990 Pro or Samsung 980 Pro

Edit: Here right now the Western Digital Black SN850X is on sale for a very good price in 1 TB Samsung are always way more money.

Edit2: I have Western Digital Black and I’ve beat the hell out of them over 4 years installing, formatting, erasing etc etc.


Well, I’m using a WD Black SN850 for my primary drive–had it for about a year now with no problems. I’ve also bought a Solidigm from Newegg–seems to be good (only 3 months of use so far)–Solid looks to just be a rebranded Intel unit.

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Samsung, Intel.

NEVER anything from that garbage.


yeah that was my hunch about kingston as well

I’d NEVER put anything Kingston in my system…


sounds like a good choice!

Yes…I’m running a 1700 Desktop–Asus Z690 & was looking for parts with long life. Here is the info on the Solidigm drive: https://www.solidigm.com/products/client/d6/p44.html & the one I bought from Newegg: https://www.newegg.com/solidigm-1tb-p44-pro/p/N82E16820318012

Am using it as a backup drive–still seeing how it will last…

More Info about Solidigm: https://www.bizjournals.com/sacramento/inno/stories/news/2023/02/07/solidigm-headquarters-rancho-cordova.html

i cant find solidgm in my country (norway) and i dont want to order from abroad, customs and stuff
thanks for the suggestion though

I’ve always had good luck with Team Group SSDs. I’m using two 2.5 SATA and 1 nvme currently.

I avoid Samsung and Kingston for reliably issues.

I’m a big sabrent fan these days. I’ve got 4 now total.

Samsung are the most reliable SSDs ever made to consumer market :rofl:

No other SSDs can do anything close to that since then, at least yet and it’s not likely tech will change anytime soon.

If only reason you avoid them is bad firmware (which you can update anyway) on some batch for recent models - you have deadly wrong assumptions.


What’s a good price? Here they are €100 atm.

It’s $139.99 Cdn

ok, €100 is 145 Cdn.

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It’s normal price is $214.99 Cdn

i think ill go wd black. solution found i guess
thanks for all input

Wow, that’s expensive.
If you need one, ask me and I’ll send it to you. :wink:

Good Choice…my 850 has been great,