Nvme recommendations

Right now they are on sale. But normally that’s the price and Samsung are also always very expensive unless on sale.

I’ve had 2 Samsung SSD and 3 of their USB fail. Other than a pny USB and an insanely old WD blue HDD, I’ve only had Samsung stuff fail on me. I avoid their stuff now, it’s been junk to me. Must recent failure was an evo 850.

Edit: I had one Kingston SSD arrive DOA. It’s the only Kingston drive I’ve had

USB? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Are you sure they were at least legit ones?
Coz if it’s some Amazon dodgy deal they could very well be fake ones, you can always check serial numbers on their site to validate.

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Maybe. They’ve already been destroyed at this point, so I can’t compare. I prefer Patriot USB and sabrent drives today. No more Samsung for me.

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