Samsung 980 & 990 pro SSD users might want to update to latest firmware

Word on the streets it fixes potential…death :scream:


I do have some Samsung SSDs (which have worked very well BTW), but fortunately not those models.

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Yep, same for me i have other models so far!

Thanks for the tip. fortunately I am not affected although I use the 980 pro. it is already the firmware 4B2QGXA7. I have found articles on a German website: According to Puget Systems research, 980 Pro with firmware versions 4B2QGXA7 and the said 5B2QGXA7 should not be affected.

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Yeah, it looks like it was some bad per-installed firmware batch…

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I thought they were the best and their dying? :scream_cat:
Think I’ll stick with my Western Digital Black. :wink:

They are the best hardware, bad batches with sh*t firmware type of problems happens once in a lifetime for all SSD brands, which is very unfortunate for a state of quality control we’re living in.

Just watch this channel, those dudes constantly have crap like burning videocards and exploding PSUs :rofl:

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I like the Western Digital Black. Haven’t had any issues with them. I know the Samsung Pro is fast but so are the equivalent Western Digital Black such as the SN850X

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I like <insert_coin>. Haven’t had any issues with them.

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