My day at the Apple Store

Unless you’re diabetic, in which case you’ll probably have to see them a lot.

clown tag

I had no idea what the hell this was until 5 minutes ago. I thought they were ear buds or something.
These things are supertrackers.

Wired has a nifty story for me

article summary:
cops use them
stalkers use them
writer didn’t say who else uses them
If you have a magic Iphone then you cannot be tracked by anyone else because the Apple Phone has a ‘danger-an-airtag-that-is-not-your-airtag-is-very-close-to-you’ alert.

:clown_face: Why do people voluntarily want this stuff in their life? :clown_face: If your dog ate your airtag and ran away you could find her/him that day, before it pooped, I guess…

to ‘circle back around to the employees and OP’
wired says “What if I Find One? The best way to disable an AirTag is to remove the battery. To do this, flip the AirTag so the metallic side with an Apple logo is facing you.”

Or I guess you can leave it on to let the owner find you :slight_smile: as your heavily overworked Apple employees suggested.
But nowhere in the story did it say how to return this to the owner.


I was a “fanboy” in the 90’s when it was different to be an Apple user…got rid of my last Apple product when Steve announced at MacWorld that they were ditching the PowerPC chip for Intel…quite a few people quit Apple that day & I never looked back (I was running Yellow-Dog Linux on my G4 dual 867 Fatboy - I ran the first version of Ubuntu—Warty Warthog shortly before selling it…those were the days.)

I do remember that Mac fondly – Set me back Many hard-earned $$$$$. Was a very COOL unit in an era filled with rectangular white boxes…

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WTF? Why can’t an Apple store hold that item and wait for the owner to come locate it? It’s a GPS tracking device after all. Dumbest thing I’ve heard in a while.

You could’ve also just left the thing where ever. Owner would’ve found it eventually, assuming the battery had charge.

But I completely agree that modern Apple stuff is crap. In my mind, Apple died Steve Jobs.


There isn’t a way as far as I’m told. It’s funny to think that NFC or bluetooth would ever in a million years be on on my Graphene phone, so I’m not worried about it tracking me specifically, but maybe someone else. If I find anymore I’m just going to de-battery it and huck it in the trash.

That was teh ponit I made to the employee. Like if I can hold onto it and they’ll find me, since it’s your product, it makes sense for you to hold it and they can come here. Them being that afraid of taking it though makes me sure how bad it is.

Their computers are pretty nice though, especially the mid 2010’s Metal Macbook Pro.

It’s just not my style anymore. It doesn’t make any sense.


If their products were truly bad, no one would buy them. Let’s not be ignorant here and say what it is: Apple products are decent to good, considering the price you are paying for them. As you said, though, they are bought for social status and looks and their hostile nature towards right to repair or anything regarding users doing what they want with their devices doesn’t sit with me either. I hate Apple for their practices, not their products.

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Correction, they were good up until 2017-ish. Now they are just decent hardware with crippling software. I heard the M1/2 devices are good if you install Asahi on them though.

wow, lots of apple hate in this thread, lots of people assuming the worst re airtags…


  • i have them attached to my dog’s collars, that way if they get out i can find them.
  • i have one hidden in my teardrop trailer in case it gets stolen while i’m out hiking.
  • i used to carry one in my backpack so my wife could find me in case of emergency while i’m backpacking, have upgraded to a garmin inreach mini2 since the airtags depend on cell service and bluetooth they aren’t much good in the back country.


  • my daily driver is a 2015 imac16,1 (i7 quadcore, 16 gb ram) running linux
  • my home server is a 2013 macpro6,1 - aka trashcan (6 core xeon, 64 gb ram) running linux
  • i have a 2012 macbook running linux in my garage for playing music and general browsing
    I also have a macbook pro (m1) that i travel with and a macstudio (m1) that i use for mapping and trip planning, both running macos, when they hit eol for os updates they will also be running linux. i doubt i’ll ever buy another mac desktop, but i will continue to buy the macbooks.

so why all the hate? would you expect bestbuy or walmart to accept and hold a samsung galaxy smart tag “and wait for the owner to show up?”

machines are machines, use whatever works best for you.


I also get that occasionally on my Android phone? I think it has something to do with Android and Apple car play on my car? Either that or it’s picking up an air tag from the neighborhood? Not really sure but i just ignore it when it happens.

Nice … but way too expensive. :grinning:

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They’re just not my type of devices, but yeah. I agree with you. Use whatever works best for you, in every sense important to you.

Quite literally, in this case. Imagine coming home with a brand new Apple product every day. Pretty sure you’d be too broke to see a doctor.

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Couple of ideas:

  • Use of child slave labor to produce hardware
  • Planned obsolescence through both hardware and software, while being extremely anti right to repair at the same time
  • Proprietary software
  • Backdoors & mass surveillance, including user files scanning with AI and ability to break ANY end-2-end encryption
  • It’s a hipster new-age cult :rofl:



I was considering buying a macbook for work but then they welded the ram chips on their motherboards and I said screw them I can’t have any of that, as they were asking extortionate amounts of cash for a config with a bump in RAM size, so I want to be able to upgrade my machine with my own ram myself. I went ahead and bought a great laptop from MSI.

Nowadays macs even have the SSD on the same chip, this is just them shitting on you.

A few years later, to the present day, guess what, I bought a brand new Lenovo machine and it has soldered RAM on it :smiley: This time it felt acceptable given the fact that it has 32GB RAM and costs 750EUR while also coming with an upper-mid tier CPU. If in the very unlikely scenario that my usage pattern changes so that I will require more than 32GB I will gladly search for another machine and upgrade at that point. Gladly because I feel I’m getting a lot of computer for my money, compared to a MacBook. Is the MacBook better? Sure, for 4 to 6 times the price (although I say this with a dose of restraint because it has that shitty OS on it that you can no longer easily replace with a decent linux distro, so even if the machine is good, the experience sucks). If I get a new machine in 2 years with the latest hardware, I’m still at a fraction cost of a reasonably equipped mac.


Yeah, you must live in the land of rainbows and unicorns. :rainbow: :unicorn:
is every piece of hardware you own and use foss? is it all your hardware manufactured by free range chickens living in a rain forest? :rofl:

like it or not (and i don’t), this is the world we live in.

sure, for a while, until developers from other os’ figure it out.

on a smaller scale, the same could be said about endeavorOS users…

i’m going to go and take my dogs for a walk, enjoy the rest of your day.


Only if you choose to.
I mean, nobody forces you to buy Crapple or modern PC with Micro$oft Pluton…yet


No this is just living in the :clown_face: world.



You might want to get a new clown vision prescription update. :rofl:

Tell me about it. I just built my entire Ryzen 9 desktop for not much more than the refurbished MacBook pro I brought my wife in 2015. . .

I needed a good laugh. Stressful morning.