My day at the Apple Store

So I found one of those apple air tag things a couple days ago. I had no idea what is or does, my wife actually had to tell me.

Obviously it doesn’t do or could do anything with my stuff here, so I decided to drop it off at apple. It was a reason to drive across town and walk the mall for 20 min. Get out of the house for a bit.

“Hey I’m just here cause I found this the other day and figured someone was looking for it.”

“Ya, we unfortunately can’t get anyone’s information off of it.”

“Ok? Well I’m assuming someone was looking for it. This is the most logical place to bring it.”

“Well maybe they will contact you looking for it.”

“Why the hell would they contact me? And more importantly I most assuredly don’t want them to contact me.”

“Well maybe they are looking for you.”

“That’s an even better reason why I wouldn’t want this then.”

“Well there’s nothing we can do with it here.”

“So you’re telling me your product, designed to help someone find things, can’t be used to find anyone and it’s complete trash?”

“Well, um.”

“Do you have a trash bin?”


“And this thing is just basically trash then?”


“Cool, here, can you toss this in the trash for me?”

“Sure, just take out the battery and recycle it.”

“How do I do that?”

(Employee pushes the thing and it falls apart)

Me - “Ok.” into trash. “Well I guess that’s a pretty fitting place for us to put your products.”

Walk out and throw battery in trash

(I was more interested to know how it came apart than to recycle the battery)

And that is how myself and two Apple employees took Apple hardware, admitted said hardware in a store full of customers and employees was completely trash and useless at the one and only thing it was built and sold to do. And then thrown into the trash in front of everyone.

Today was a good day. I hope you all also had a good day.


Those things can actually be used to track people unknowingly. It’s a very dangerous tool that Apple created, and I’m sure they knew it was possible that people may and would use it in that way.

So, depending on where you found it, in your bag, in a taxi, or just by the side of the road, there could be more reasons than someone just “misplacing it”.

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Na. Just walking my dog in the park. I’d never seen one, it was interesting.

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not one word of this is shocking. no good deed goes unpunished this decade. no one wants to do the right thing but you.

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I can’t lie when I say that I didn’t really expect that outcome. I think those poor people working in these basically luxury stores are underpaid hard and get next to no benefits, but I could be wrong.

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I didn’t expect reading facebook-esque post outside facebook, but here I am.

If OP added Troll face meme, it’s going to drag me back to 2010.


I recently received a notification on my Android like “Airtag from unknown detected” or similar. After a first shock that I’m being followed :wink: I read that Android implemented a feature to notify you if an Airtag or Samsung-Tag is detected for a “longer” period in your surrounding. This should make it harder for people to track you silently.


That’s funny because that requires that you allow Samsung/Google to track you.

Better them than someone in-person, though. They’ll (companies) sell your information and possibly use it for a future social credit system. But someone in-person… :eyes:

Can’t remember I allowed that. Need to check. I was hoping that the environment around me is being scanned anyway (BT/WiFi) and whenever there’s sth. my phone does not know I get an alert.

Edit: found this at Google Blog

Yeah, for things like an anti-tracker alert to work, you must be connected to a network in some way, and cell towers just weren’t made for this technology, so that leaves hotspots, WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth.

So, if your BT is constantly on, which it shouldn’t be, then it will constantly send out a signal to everything nearby.

But I understand that people use BT, hotspots, and the like in different ways, and may need them, so not everyone will turn off those signals while moving about.

a dangerous toy

It’s too late for you… I am already inside your wall.

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I have no pity for them, they deserve it. They are too cowardly and too comfortable to quit and find a better job, so let them be stuck in their low paying comfort zone.

Haha brilliant story!
Apple and their products are shit!

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To be honest, I actually think their products are and have been really nice over all the years, it’s really their locked down nature that just causes then to be so terrible.

Other than the air tag, which I didn’t even know existed until a few days ago. The air tag is complete trash.

My wife had a 2015 MacBook Pro until last year. It was very very nice. But it’s just not for me /us in the way it’s setup.


I think for the price you’re paying for an Apple product, if it was actually shit for most people, no one would buy it and they wouldn’t be where they are. I agree with what you said.

No their products are shit and brakes easily and can’t be repaired(according to Apple) thy don’t care.
Don’t believe me? Look up “right to repair”!
Apple is over priced shit!
and people only buy them because thy “look good” and as an accessory.

Can you tell i hate Apple?!


that funny … think people get message :crazy_face:

EDit my accessory has never broke . i will say i feel cool with it hanging round my neck on a chain :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My wife is a die hard apple user, her taste is so bad that she hooked up with me. :astonished:


An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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