MEGAsync and nautilus-megasync Stopped Working

Continuing the discussion from GNOME 43 is Here. What's Working, What's Not?:

MEGAsync has been my go-to remote storage since Kim Dotcom was illegally raided and shut down.

It looks to be a large PKGBUILD script (above my pay grade) and takes all of 10 minutes to run. It almost gets there but at the end it aborts.

megasync from 2022-11-06 22-03-56

MEGAsync worked on Gnome 42, but stopped working once upgrading to 43. There is just too much to like about 43 to go backwards.


Ideas please…

Maybe the PKGBUILD can be fixed to finish it. libpdfium-nojs

Your libpdfium-nojs still depends on icu-71.
You need to rebuild libpdfium-nojs and then try again with megasync

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To be clear, which libpdfium-nojs ?

aur/libpdfium-nojs 5060.r1.558516c323-1 (+22 1.03) (Installed: 5304.r1.6d0a3d5365-1)

Are you running megasync or the bin? Which version is working for you?

How do I make sure there are no remnants before I begin reinstalling from scratch?

You just need to rebuild resp. reinstall libpdfium-nojs. It is a package with a dynamic version number, which means that it pulls the latest source code and determines the version number out of source code. Which is a higher version number than what you see in AUR.


AUR has
aur/libpdfium-nojs 5060.r1.558516c323-1

But the version I have istalled is
libpdfium-nojs 5249.r4.c5f61025a7-1

And that happened simply by reinstalling libpdfium-nojs

I am running megasync.

nautilus-megasync 3.6.6-2
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Now we are getting somewhere.
So you have this installed:

aur/megasync-nopdfium (+35 0.42) 
    Easy automated syncing between your computers and your MEGA cloud drive(stripped of pdfium dependency)

When I have been trying to install this:

aur/libpdfium-nojs 5060.r1.558516c323-1 (+22 1.03) (Installed: 5304.r1.6d0a3d5365-1)
    Open-source PDF rendering engine

megasync is not what I have been trying to install.

This should work now :sweat_smile:

No, I have used this package:


I downloaded the package build with "paru -G megasync " and edited the PKGBUILD file to pull version :wink:
But version is also working just fine

That doesn’t inspire confidence for a trustworthy place I would store my data :sweat_smile:

I store backup copies of .md files, that I have on mirrored external devices.

I still don’t have Nautilus integration.

Would you consider flatpak? Don’t know if that would work for your intent. I also had a AUR package I couldn’t build yesterday, installing the flatpak took me 1 min.

I’m trying to avoid flatpaks until I know a lot more about them :nerd_face:

I just realized that too. I didnt use this extension for a while. But it does not show up for me either.
Looks like the nautilus integration is not working anymore with gnome 43:

Fair enough. Perhaps it maybe and option if you can’t build it via AUR package. I have very few packages outside the Arch repo, flatpaks are containerized and should technically be safe to use. But digging into the weeds may indicate otherwise, as would using any proprietary software. Here I mean in the context of where and what a given flatpak installs things on my system.

Edit: but if it requires a gnome extension, might have to wait the fix for 43

I have created an issue for this on github:


Just uninstall megasync from AUR.

Download it from the official website that supports Arch based distros.

pacman.conf will automatically add a repo for mega.

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I would consider anything, as long as it fulfills the two main requirements:

  1. Full encryption with zero knowledge for the provider
  2. available on apple phones (iOS)

I am open to any suggestions.

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I need to learn how to do that for myself.
So Nautilus is not integrated for you on Gnome 43?

megasync extension is incompatible with nautilus in gnome 43