MEGAsync and nautilus-megasync Stopped Working

That’s what I thought when I created the thread.
Now I know it a bug, I hope they will fix it eventually.
At least we have our “dangerously insecure” MEGASync working and the browser extension works well, so it’s all good.

Nextcloud if we talk about file synchronization.

Edit: sorry didn’t mean to hijack this thread, I am OT :grin:

I think even some of the commercial cloud providers use portions of the same open source encryption. For me though, ed25519 is good enough for my non-sensitive files. But that’s another topic :smiley:

Is your MEGASync working now? The trick seems to have been installing megasync-nopdfium instead of megasync, and not installing/uninstalling libpdfium.

But it’s an interesting subject, well worth creating the thread for.

I have a private nextcloud installation on docker but not exposed to the internet. And I am not intending to expose my PC to the internet.

And nextcloud as a service from some provider is not an option. nextcloud supports data encryption, but this encryption is happening on the server:

Quote: Encryption and decryption are performed on the Nextcloud server. All files sent to remote storage will be encrypted by the Nextcloud server, and upon retrieval, decrypted before serving them to you and anyone you have shared them with.


Do you leave it installed even though it’s broken?

I just deinstalled it.

I checked the github source code and saw some recent changes for the nautilus extension. I compiled it and it works. I did not build a pacman package but I have a tar file which contains the relevant files for nautilus. This is just 11 Kb. You can download it here if you want:

The archive contains one file and three links:

lrwxrwxrwx user user  32 B  2022-11-08@15:29 ⇒
lrwxrwxrwx user user  32 B  2022-11-08@15:29 ⇒
lrwxrwxrwx user user  32 B  2022-11-08@15:29 ⇒
.rwxr-xr-x user user  34 KB 2022-11-08@15:29

Just copy all of them to /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-4 and it should work immediately.

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This! The megasync AUR package may be dormant. It’s a couple versions behind the megasync-bin AUR package.

I’m not sure Mega has compiled their code against openssl 3.0.7, but it did need 1.1.1 and failed to restart on my machine after the upgrade. I did a hack with some of the 1.1.1 openSSL binaries for the short term, hoping for a Mega rebuild for Arch.

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The package aur/nautilus-megasync 3.6.6-2 is pulling software from March 2020 and it puts the extension in folder
which is obsolete. The new nautilus is looking for extensions in

I have compiled the most recent megasync code and the nautilus extension is working with it. The developers will probably release a new AUR package sooner or later. If you can not wait, you can use my tar file from my previous post.

The package aur/megasync works well with the new openssl. It just needs a new compilation

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