Manjaro to EndeavourOS experiences

My apologies @I0F. I wasn’t really meaning to single you out. You were simply the last post I was reading in a endless string of Manjaro this, Manjaro that, Manjaro the other thing posts. Sheesh, this is not the Manjaro forum is all I’m trying to get across. My impression is Manjaro is almost the biggest topic on the EOS forum (or perhaps I’m just being overly sensitive.

I think I’m going to have to take a break from posting here for a while. Perhaps in a month or so this incessant flogging of a dead horse will have ceased.

Enjoy your summer if you’rein the Northern hemisphere, and I’ll see you in September.

Cheers. :beers:


Happy trails…


Well the topic is ‘Manjaro To EndeavourOS experiences’ . So it’s okay to talk about the ‘X’ I think 🤷🏻. If sharing the benefits of using EOS is okay sharing the troubles that happened during the endeavor is not bad . That’s what @I0F did


I’m all for closing this thread before we cause any more trouble here.
Everything that seems important has been said …


No, you’re not overly sensitive :slight_smile:

I think it’s quite normal that people still think of Manjaro, because frankly, many of us were very involved in their forum, and to some extent, many of us know each other already.

On the other hand, you’re absolutely right: we should not mention Manjaro so often, because this is not Manjaro.

So yes, let’s look forward, drop the Manjaro thingies and focus on EOS.

Have a nice summer :wink:


I agree. I came from Manjaro, and can state what the facts are that attracted me to EOS, however bashing Manjaro is a double edged sword, there is no need for it. I feel closer to Arch without installing Arch with EOS.

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Exactly. Let’s give it some time, I’m sure that over time, we will not mention Manjaro as often (if at all) and focus more on improving EOS.
Everyone can help with that, and I do have a few things in the pipeline for EOS :wink:


Ooo, what have you got planned? :star_struck:

I just did this:


Do nothing for EndeavourOS that you can’t do for Garuda :smiley:




Focus on EOS, I agree, let’s drop the MJR baggage.


Thank you people :hugs: We discourage closing threads here…


Then don’t. They will die on their own and you will look like Heroes!

Staying on topic, I love that EOS doesn’t close threads as readily as “M.” I found that very odd and annoying. Many topics remained on the forum, locked, and sometimes the information it contained needed to be updated. It was counter-productive imo. :balance_scale:


I have been here around 6 months. In that time, I have witnessed a community who:

  • Is welcoming to everyone
  • Is willing to help anyone regardless of skill set or circumstance
  • Is respectful of one another even when disagreements happen
  • Has fun and supports each other

I would urge everyone to try to embody the behaviors of the rest of the community instead of worrying about what the people who have been here longer than 2 weeks think about the newer users.

This is just my personal opinion, but I think it is healthier to think of ourselves as a single community than segregate ourselves into groups based on which bus we came in on.


Well, I guess I just found out where everyone landed from that other OS. While I am not landing here for my production machines, I do know what my extra assets will be used for. I loved Manjaro, but really about two years ago things started to change and I moved over to Fedora for my everyday usage. While I will still be using Fedora, I have two machines that need something a little more fun on them, and it looks like I have found it. So far EndeavourOS reminds me much more of Manjaro when I first started using it, but more importantly the community reminds me of what the Manjaro community was like five years ago. I have nothing against Manjaro, but the recent fallout just rubbed me the wrong way, piled on top of a long string of decisions that I was less than enthusiastic about and well…here I am.


Welcome to the community :beers:


Has anyone noticed that Manjaro Forum is in read only mode for more than 2 days? What happened to Manjaro?