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Hi @BONK! While answering to your post it got closed (for what reason?)
Nevertheless, here is my answer again:

May I introduce myself?

For about 20 years now I’m busy with Linux running it on my computer at home (dual booting with Windows). I’m far from beeing a geek but seriously interested in computing.

My first try to install a Linux distribution was with Mandrake 9.1 - it has been pleasure and pain :slightly_smiling_face:. My curiosity was piqued, Windows became more and more uncontrollable, and my time of distrohopping began. SUSE, Debian, Slackware, Arch, Manjaro, Void, Antix, Artix and back to Arch.(Yes, I would be happier without systemd :wink:)

Now, using Endeavour OS I’m really satisfied. EOS is easily to install and to maintain - and this community here is awesome :clap:.

Unfortunately I’ve not much knowledge in coding, networking, web development, and therefore my ability for support will be limited :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m just an autodidact keeping on learning. Getting rid of the last remains of Windows is my next objective (the Windows partition only exists for the purpose of gaming).

I appreciate the work of the Endeavour team very much and I wish I could offer real support as but being only “fan” :blush:.

Have a nice day!


I fully agree with this post by @dalto where he said we should not divide ourselves based on which distro we used before coming aboard Endeavour.

We are, for now, together on this ship and we should do our best to enjoy the voyage and to let others enjoy it to.

We should all do our best to be friends, within reason. Unfortunately, the difficulty of that scales as the square of the number or people present, and so should our effort.


Full ack - but what’s wrong with having some knowledge of the user’s historical background?


Nothing, there’s whole section for introductions :slight_smile:


The core of linux, every one is its specialist in his doing, thats makes all one :blush:

Personal for me i dont care what you use. Preferable a linux kernel but community is what counts :upside_down_face:


Yes, I see. My intention for posting was giving an answer to @BONK’s request.
But @moderators feel free to move the post over there :grinning:


I think his main point was to try stay on topic, if it’s possible :slightly_smiling_face:

So…Welcome ex-patriot! :partying_face:
Quite nice experience you had with Linux on your path!


Post here is ok, the orginal post is a signal. Not to be harsh but informative :slight_smile

But its for the pub thats ok.


Currently the travel on sea is ruff. Lot of wind lightning and sun.

Imagine the rollercoaster :rofl:


Wish you calmer waters soon!