Manjaro to EndeavourOS experiences

I feel the exact same way. I still think Manjaro is great especially for newbies and first time users. It is probably the best in that regard as they get easy access to the arch stuff and AUR with a user-friendly pre-configured GUI.




Which patches are you thinking of?
Is something not working as expected?

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So far kernel 5.7.12 is working pretty well. I had a problem with a beep coming from the BIOS, but it seems to be an issue with tlp when running on battery. Disabling tlp solved that issue and I seem to still have good battery life. kernel 5.8.0 seems to have some issues waking from suspend, but it is too new to take seriously yet.

The AMD 4500U is still pretty new and there may be some things that probably don’t work yet. That thread at another forum discusses several issues with my Lenovo flex 5, but most of those complaints seem to have been addressed in the most recent mainline.

Mostly, I’m considering whether I want to continue building kernels in general. My old T100CHI was poorly supported OOTB in 2015 (kernel 4.2), but linux baytrail support is still improving even in 5.8. Baytrail kernel building made sense for the CHI until about kernel 4.16. But my CHI is now on its last legs and the Flex 5 seems to already work quite well with standard kernels…


So when are the MA (Manjaro Anonymous) meets? :rofl:

Seriously though, everything I’ve seen about eOS looks great, and I hope to put some time aside to try it out this week, and start transitioning systems over.


Welcome @pfeerick!


For how much?

You gained quite a brain trust with this migration. Count your blessings and the solves. Those badges speak volumes…


It’s a bit harder to get a bunch of solutions here, as the community is smaller and more experienced. On Manjaro forum, I got to 80 solutions in about two months without trying to, simply by picking the low-hanging fruit like “Why is my .bashrc not working?”, “Because you’re using zsh, silly!” :smiley:

Here, not so much. :grin:


My windoze broke my curtains, please heeeeeeelp meeeeeeeeeeee.


Thanks for that insight.

I doubt that eather distro has

… ignorant users kindly called newbies/noobs, such as myself certainly.
As for you picking

You always helped someone with grace, and the fact remains a lot of smart helpful people (myself excluded) came over.
I don’t want to



Welcome here, spend a pleasant time on the EOS.


Have you tried grub-customizer as well? This allows you to configure many things in the grub. Used with due care, it is an excellent special tool for this purpose.

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I have some problems to properly set up my AMD GPU (RTX 5700). With Manjaro it works out of the box with perfect performance (stable and high fps) inside games. (Dota2, Overwatch, Ori and the will fo the wisps).

Somehow the ACO (for faster shader compiler) doesn’t work properly compared to Manjaro and inside games I overall have less performane and small stutters. I pretty much worked through the whole Arch Wiki and tried many different things, but I simply can’t get it to work under EndeavourOS.

Somebody have any tips on setting up my GPU? There must be some small thing Manjaro already has out of the box, that my EOS install doesn’t have.

edit: opened a new thread for this.


Might be worth starting a new thread?


Thanks @dalto @zoli62

I’ll have you know I resemble that remark! Now, if you could please tell me how to make my eOS 2004 install great again, I’ll be very appreciative!

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Next time you could try rEFInd. It will get the job done and can be set up to look really pretty.

Sorry for the off-topic post, :wink:


Laptops need to start coming with locking hotswap trays for SSD’s. Multi booting does nothing but create problems. Grub customizer is not a solution, it can create far worse problems.

I haven’t multi booted in over 15 years (I use hardware solutions). In my desktops I use hotswap racks for my SSD’s that make swapping OS’s and creating backup images a breeze.

One of the most common and time consuming issues to fix on any Linux forum is the snafu’s created by Multi-booting. Just not worth the problems it creates IMO.

I must say, thread titles like the one below are getting rather old, and don’t project a very good image overall of Manjaro users as a group.

I don’t care what forum I’m attempting to help out on, I really don’t want to read stuff like this. It comes down to the old saying “don’t sh!t where you sleep”.

Don’t complain that your video drivers work out of the box on distro “X”, but not on the forum you’re now attempting to make home. Sorry, but I’m not built that way. If distro “X” works for you out of the box, then figure out the install differences yourself, but quit the negative comparisons (or go back to distro “X”).

Sorry, but if I was an original EOS user I’d be getting seriously peeved by now with all the new refugees registering here with their continuous references to their old ex (whatever distro that may be). Same goes for Windoze users, just have a little sensitivity and stop this whiney behavior.


You really are misunderstanding my comment and also pretty much disregard what this thread is about.

I worked through the arch wiki(!) and tried many other things from different forums/reddit. I’m at a loss of what to do next. I’m telling you guys what problems I had/have going from Manjaro to EOS and mentioning Manjaro because it showcases that it is possible to run my configuration with Linux in a pretty good way.

This is my Manjaro to EOS experience. I want it to work, but I don’t know how and I’m asking for help. If you don’t want to help or have nothing to add, then why are you even answering to my comment or even reading this thread? Comments like yours are always incredibly annoying. It makes people feel shitty for asking.


To be totally clear, we are OK with people mentioning Manjaro(or any other distro) as a point of comparison as long as it is something more than blind distro bashing.

Comparative discussions are OK and somewhat natural given how many people are switching all at once. It is probably a bit annoying right now for some people to see the same comments over and over in different topics but I expect it will calm down as everyone settles in.

However, insulting each other is not OK so let’s not let it go any further towards this direction.

It would be great if we could gently nudge this one back on topic going forward.


Each distro I’ve moved to addressed some new need. Manjaro got me closer to Arch and further away from debian/derivatives. EOS allowed me to remove some more of the training wheels. If I feel the need (and my brain cooperates) maybe my last stop would be gentoo or LFS. But I don’t know how many more stops there will be. EOS feels pretty comfortable.