Manjaro to EndeavourOS experiences

I am glad that everyone is excited about EOS or whatever new distros you have found since leaving Manjaro. I would ask that we try to not turn this into a place to bash Manjaro(or any other distro).

I am hopeful we can talk about how great our new homes are without going out of our way to attack or demean other distros.


@dalto you’re here as well? I’m looking into it. Seems to be random issues that pop up at Manjaro every few years when looking through the forums.


Yeeep, especially those ones which you still use on some machines with joy :slight_smile:


I agree. I have already moved 2 Manjaro installations to EOS doing a fresh and clean install. The second one was so much easier and I didn’t have to deal with remaining parts of my old distro.
Tomorrow I’ll hopefully move my third and main machine to EOS…After the server update :grinning:


I couldn’t agree more. I’m sure the original EndeavourOS users are getting really tired of its endless daily mentions by ex-whatever users.

It’s an ancient adage that should definitely be adhered to:

“When in Rome, do as the Romans”

Please stop all the endless references to other OS’S, this does not sit well with the users of any OS when you join their forum.

I know I sure don’t want to hear about others experiences on Ubuntu or Linux Mint, any more than EndeavourOS users want to hear about others last flavour of the week. It’s just poor form, and we should all try to refrain from these endless mentions. It serves no purpose other than alienating yourself from the pre-existing EndeavourOS users.

I think we all need to stop this bad habit very quickly before it really starts wearing out our welcome here.


@tbg, or we could call you “The voice of Wisdom” :innocent:
I mean… “The BIG Voice of Wisdom”


I think @dalto is the one who is the usual voice of reason. I am usually far more reactionary than @dalto.

On this point I couldn’t possibly agree with @dalto more. It serves no purpose, and make us seem like rude guests when in anothers home.

Let’s all just stop this bad habit now.


Hey! Non other OSes?
Are you’ trying to say that we can’t reference Windows on Linux forums?! :rofl: :upside_down_face:


But then I don’t want to read any more that this and that function works on Win/Apple/Xx.


Hey Endeavour userbase, i have some serious confession to make…
It’s better now, than never.

I use Arch, btw.

Please don’t beat me too hard on that, i know it’s hard for you to hear! :sweat_smile:

It’s just Arch with some :rocket: in it :upside_down_face:


In one sense, most of us do! Also, again like a few others, I have an Actual ™ bare–metal Arch system on the go as well… although I missed some EndeavourOS goodies and added their repo to my Arch. I never thought the install method made all that much difference to the way it ran…


It’s better on Endeavour! I use EndeavourOS. :laughing:

Edit: BTW This is non negotiable!


Of course you can mention any distro you were coming from over here.

We just have a little request for the people who are coming from Manjaro because of personal reasons.

As EndeavourOS we are an outsider on what’s going on at Manjaro and since the current situation attracted/attracts media attention, we would really appreciate it that you try and leave the bashing of Manjaro or one of its team members out of the forum.

We, as developers, respect any developers team in the Linux world out there and we certainly don’t want to give the impression that the atmosphere over here is against any distro. Of course you can say that you don’t like a certain distro as long as it’s not bashing the other party.

I completely understand that the most of you are letting your hair down over here and I haven’t read really hateful comments towards Manjaro, which I’m very relieved about.

You’re all welcome over here and from what I saw, a lot of you are bringing in quite a lot of experience and knowledge over here.

We really are happy you found us and we hope you’ll be with us for years to come. Our roadmap might be different than you’re used to, but we still have some nice surprises for you in store…


I still use Manjaro.

Do not kill me please, i know iknow i know


This. Thank you. There’s no reason to bash anything. This has been an extremely welcoming place that may or may not necessarily have even wanted such an influx of us in such short order. There’s no reason to be anything other than grateful. Thanks @dalto


Right there with you. One down. I keep procrastinating regarding the second one. :grimacing: As you stated, I think it will go a lot easier now that the initial move is complete…and I know my way around EOS more. Calmer waters ahead… :sailboat: :whale:


Really? Has it gotten that bad already?

Comparing one to the other is a normal human trait. But of course it’s right that it shouldn’t degenerate into washing Manjaro’s dirty laundry here. I have been able to learn a lot during my time with Manjaro and it will continue to run on my wife’s computer (and I have to take care of it because she doesn’t want to …). Manjaro himself is and probably never was the problem … let’s leave it alone, enjoy the ascent to better worlds … :rocket:

live long and prosper :vulcan_salute:


It made the Linux headlines podcast a few days ago. I imagine it’ll be on more soon.


Would anyone who is not also now here, pls put up your hand?



I believe there are alternatives.