Linux-header question

i only have the linux-516 package. Should I install linux516-headers. If yes/no why?

Are you sure about that?

pacman -Qi linux-headers


inxi -Faz 

It’s :clown_face:-jaro i believe.

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Well i never … Manjaro?? :astonished:


Yes right now i am on manjaro but in a process of gathering info before switching

The headers are needed to build modules, if you just run Linux, you likely won’t need them


What is ?? You don’t understand?

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Are you installing any proprietary drivers, dkms, virtual box, vmware etc? I’m definitely no expert but if you are planning on building anything like that then you need the kernel headers for the modules. Apologies if I’m wrong but that’s the way I’ve always understood it

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@sawdoctor are you the sawdoctor from manjaro forum’s. nevertheless thanks for help. I was just concerened if i was missing on something important or not

Yeah, that’s not a package on EndeavourOS.

Your should ask this question over on Manjaro forum. Also, the reply you marked as the solution makes absolutely no sense.



I run manjaro on my main pc but also have a potato that I run eos on just to play with different desktops. Think EOS is a great os but I like my gui’s. Just a personal preference but both are excellent distros

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