Just installed Fedora with Gnome on the "Distro Tester"

I forgot to mention, EOS has a slick little tool that will install a desktop environment as it is distributed on the Boot ISO. That is the way you want to install Gnome (or, presumably, any other DE) if you’re trying it out on EndeavourOS

If someone would come out with a bismuth/pop-tiling feature for Cinnamon, I’d go back

Fedora is a really good distro, and is probably what I’d recommend to anyone curious about linux or Gnome, nice mix of stability and leading edge software, installed it on my wife’s piece of poo micro pc and it works a treat, next to Arch its the best way to get a vanilla gnome experience.

I read somewhere they’re looking at making improvements to dnf which is probably one of the main areas it’s behind other distros with better/faster package managers, plus they’re looking to improve their installer which is also not the nicest experience compared to others.

One thing I really like about gnome is the animations, they’ve really nailed making windows and elements feel like they move with weight and purpose, it’s subtle but i appreciate it and miss it whenever I try KDE or other DE’s

Also I saw on twitter that the developer of Bottles is working on an immutable Ubuntu based vanilla gnome distro, worth keeping an eye on for gnome fans as well.

Gnome on Endeavour is about as minimal as it comes (in a good way) :slight_smile:


I would say it depends on how Linux curious they are. Basic users who aren’t likely to explore absolutely, others maybe not.

I love Fedora, but some things are a genuine massive PitA on Fedora that are simple everywhere else. One example is Psensor not being in Fedoras repo meaning you have to self compile or get it somewhere else (I.e Suse Repo). Their hard line stance on only free and oss can be frustrating at times for some also.

Be aware this can break ADB/Fastboot at times for some Android devices if you frequently use those. Fwupd will try to check the device for fw updates forcing it to constantly reboot into fastboot so commands don’t work or stops adb commands working.