Just installed Fedora with Gnome on the "Distro Tester"

Haven’t messed with Gnome in a while but, after playing around with it for a bit, it’s pretty nice. It just might be my second favorite desktop environment (Still like Cinnamon better). It’s pretty intuitive though. They need to improve their default weather app but I got a better one through Gnome Tweaks anyway. I remember hating Gnome 3 when it came out but, this latest version is pretty nice. I’m kinda “meh” about Fedora but it’ll probably be on my distro tester PC for a while as I get more familiar with Gnome.


Gnome has been my daily driver since 42 was released, and each point release gets better. Can’t wait for 43, but not on Fedora.
:enos: on Gnome with Wayland is worling flawlessly for me.

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Have you used Wayland for gaming? I’ve heard it’s not quite ready for that yet.

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GNOME 3 disappointed a lot of people. Looks like they finally got things squared away with GNOME 4x though, I ended up sticking with it (though I swapped Nautilus for Thunar). There’s even a way to tile in GNOME. :slight_smile:

I just installed.gnome today but on hybrid graphics Nvidia/Intel. Can’t run Wayland on Nvidia I assume, and gestures don’t seem to work on xorg.

Checked the net, is it true that I need to install touchegg and other yay packages?

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I play on KDE Wayland on hybrid laptop. Intel integrated drives display, Nvidia drives games. It is mostly a Just Works experience for me, but I am not competitive so I can’t commemt on stuff like forced vsync.
In fact I had to choose Wayland to be able to play anything:

Same with me. I dropped xfce in favor of gnome42. And I like it very much. The behavior of the desktop, shortcuts, menu items, etc. feels very intuitive for me.

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I have no experience gaming.

If you have a computer dedicated to gaming, stay with x11 for now.

If not and you need security, then a 40 year old protocol full of security flaws would not be my first choice.

I use gnome Wayland on both Fedora and Arch currently. Games seem to work fine on both. (no Nvidia)

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I think Nvidia may be the issue.

After my many years in Linux, it usually is.


I guess I should look into it. My main machine is all AMD and running EOS with X11. Right now, I’m playing with Fedora running Wayland on my old distro-tester, but that machine has an ancient nVidia card. (just going nouveau for now but it can use the 390 drivers). On that machine, there seems to be an issue with binding the drop down key for Guake terminal and I notice occasional mouse cursor stalling. Maybe not an issue for AMD? don’t really know at this point.

I had no problems with gaming when I was on Gnome @ wayland. But still IMO it is far from ready to daily drive.

Besides touchegg, you should also use the X11 gestures extension, which will give you the standard GNOME gestures

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Actually I figured it out! See my how to, gestures work perfectly in Wayland, and managed to make it work with Nvidia. No glitches as of yet.

The last time I was on a Gnome desktop, I found myself enjoying it more than I thought I would. My first reaction was annoyance, but I found as I used it more it became a pretty solid daily driver. I kinda miss some of the features now that I’m on XFCE and often find myself running my mouse to the top left corner of the desktop. Old habits die hard.

It did feel pretty resource heavy - but I’m running on older hardware. Overall, gotta hand it to the Gnome devs, they did a decent job!

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On older hardware I definitely noticed a lot of cursor binding and freezing. I’ve run Gnome on some newer hardware and had my mind blown with how smooth it was!

Touchegg (and the GNOME extension) is only needed in X11 session. In Wayland gestures are native and touchegg shouldn’t be used

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I realized that, but didn’t know about it… That’s why I went through the hoops and figured out how to make Nvidia and Wayland work…

Ok so, current state of affairs is that I’m sufficiently impressed with Gnome that I’ve wiped my distro-tester completely and installing the latest EndeavourOS with the Gnome desktop so I can give it look over on my preferred OS. To be fair, Fedora seems to be a pretty darned good OS in it’s own right. I just prefer Endeavour and I want to see how Gnome works with that.

One thing though; on Cinnamon, I do rely on the Calendar and Weather “Spices”. Gnome’s default weather app needs some development. At least give me the ability to pick a location closer to where I actually am. Other than that, it’s clearly got potential :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Looks like Fedora was making some assumptions as to what my starting Gnome config should be and EndeavourOS is giving me a “cleaner slate” and all the tools I need to config as I want. This is already making Gnome look better. I’ve already found a suitable weather app.

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