Is there any orginal designs?


just installed kde again :slight_smile:
But is there any original designs that doesnt looks like traditional or Mac os ?

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Like, backgrounds? I hate to admit, but I’ve been rocking the stock KDE background for a couple of months now. . . hahaha

Also, I think I remember you liked tilingwm’s too. . . kwin-tiling-script is something you should check out. Bonus, you can turn it off whenever.

Edit: kwin-scripts-tiling

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nog like background just how the panels sit , or other type of panel not that show like mac or unity…or not like traditional panel up or above,… :slight_smile:

Latte-dock is the obvious choice for the “mac style” dock, but you can set it up for right or left, and is much more customizable than just apps o nthe bottom.

just curius , i am stuck in thoughts :slight_smile:

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A lot of the panels and docks that are available can sit wherever you want - and most of the characteristics are adjustable too. You want a hidden dock up the right side, with transparent background, and no ‘icon zoom’ when hovering or clicking? Even Plank can handle that :grin: Or top, or left or whatever. I think the only limits are what you want to see.

currently gona look if android style also can do :slight_smile: but probaly give a unity a shot

decided to make short unity style :slight_smile:

but the menu on the bottom) :slight_smile:


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ok, now another theme but i gues this kinda the way but working just with keyboard more :slight_smile:

Look here for more ideas :wink:



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I love KDE porn :computer: :peach: :framed_picture:!

Manjaro had a monthly show off your junk (desktop) which was always inspirational. I will have to poke around the forum some to see if anything like that exists here.

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It does just not monthly Share Your Desktop

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Awesome. We need to a dedicated section, containing threads for each month. I will have to find the suggestion box and stuff it with requests. :ballot_box:

just was curius if something was orginal then traditional or mac :slight_smile:

I personally do some custom stuff (very unfinished yet), basically love ideas of Deepin simplicity, but there’s a lot to go:

For that there are some insane examples like…well Latte dock can make some out-there things, like cut out panels, only icon panels, Deepin style press button to reveal sidebar stuff…whatever :upside_down_face:

beside i dont care which theme just how the panels set or something but is noy so different et all :slight_smile:

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Try searching here @ringo if this is what you are after.

There was NOT like mac in his wishes :rofl:

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keep the panel hiding in te left currently and rest is key switching with keyboardn only plasma dont like belgian keyboards :frowning: