Is there any orginal designs?

How so?

yeah us keyboard is like : 123 , but my keyboard is &é" or i put shift to 123

to window 1 i do Meta+& but meta+é does not work :slight_smile: it saves as meta+É thats pitty :)is the same with ç it saves as Ç :frowning: for 2 i do now meta-z

A window manager I looked the look of - but haven’t seen since - had the window control buttons (close, minimize etc) down the left side. That’s different, and non-Mac. And an excellent idea for most left-to-right readers - especially those with vertically challenged screens (laptops, super wide screens, etc).

Can’t remember the name offhand - but it’s ‘out there’ on the web… :grin:

Oh i think i know what you’re talking about…It was some strange asian de, but i forgot name too :upside_down_face:

This you meant?
It had down the left side decoration variant as well, as far as i recall…Very weird
And those tabs

Ah yeah BEos style :slight_smile: but wil make this topic solved :slight_smile: got panel left


normal it hides offcourse :slight_smile:

Oh, and let’s not forget Temple OS :crossed_swords:

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What a waste of talent…seems a good guy

You can make KDE look like anything you want.
I find it the most customizable DE.

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