I love Arch and EndeavourOS, but

I’m going back to Debian! I have been testing Arch and EndeavourOS for a couple of weeks. It’s rolling too fast for me. It breaks too often. I can not fully trust it unfortunately! I do not want to update and then have to fix something. I’m talking about apps that stop working. Not the operating system itself.

But I will keep an eye on Arch and EndeavourOS!


Sad to see you go, but you do what is right for you :slight_smile:
That said, I am curious what broke for you? Because I find Arch to be one of the most stable distros for me.


The latest was Lollypop. Easily fixed, but I want something that does not change too often. I have AppImage and flatpak for newer applications if I need. I have been running Debian for several years with no issues. I trust it. Has never broken for me.

Flatpak doesn’t change more often on Arch than on anything else, tho.

I don’t have any experience with lolypop since I don’t use mp3s anymore (I do Spotify, personally).

Flatpak was just one example if you want newer programs on Debian. For me it does not matter much if they are a little older.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Arch and EndeavourOS. It’s rolling too fast for me! I knew that before I tested Arch. Curious about Arch took over :wink:

That is the 1st time lollypop has broken in the years Good luck with Lollypop on Debian as its more problematic on all Debian platforms and out of date.
Regards updates I don’t get many broke updates, Its like buying another car their is a learning curve and the more you use the the better it becomes
But some users just can’t handle a rolling release that is fine but you could reconsider the options you don’t need to update daily,weekly, monthly, you could update every 6 months once you have your system up and running, and just use flatpacks but all this is not the thing the bast way is to use in VB or duel boot till you are competent and the more you use arch the less problems you get Lollipop was the 1st breakage for me in 2 years simple fix I run Arch testing repros . I don’t use Timeshift as after the years of using Arch i have learned the simple ARCH way of doing things.
Put more trust in AUR git software packages when they when they do break which is rare they are fixed the next day or so.


Maybe had a little bad luck just with Lollypop. But it rolls a little too fast for me too. Did not test that long either. But the habit with Debian is hard to break!

I say wait another week :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: if you run into issues just come here and ask :+1:


I feel the same way. I also didn’t have a rolling release before and to be honest, this is a bit too fast for me. But so far everything has worked. As a backup I have Manjaro running on an old second computer (updates don’t come in as often, but that could lead to problems again). Time will tell which system will be the winner in the end.


Here’s a thread to keep your eye on regarding lollipop.

Which music player do you run under Linux? :+1:


My philosophy is use what you like.

If you like the way Debian works and are satisfied with it, keep using it.

There is no one distro that is best for everyone.


Haha, I do not recognize that thread! :wink:

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I say: Everything goes, if it’s not Windows 10! :laughing:


Lollypop is one guy hacking away like a mad man breaking its own code constantly. I even tried to handpick stable commits from the repository, but something was always broken. I’m not trying to be mean here, it’s just what it is.


Or Buntu…


That still considered ahead of our time, fro some reason :frog:

I too have found it all a bit too fast and made some changes to try to take some kind of positive control over things a bit, as worrying about updates/breakage can end up meaning life and stuffs don’t get done!

First, removing pamac especially, and any alerts (sorry eOS!), so I could just run checkupdates or take a brief look at TKPacman naturally and without worrying about updates etc.

Second, set an alert for updates in Rainlendar, which I’ve let go now, as I got used to knowing when it’s getting to about a week+ and time to check for updates.

Third, making sure to have downgrade installed and using that if absolutely necessary e.g. a version of handbrake doesn’t run well, so downgrading that and locking it from upgrading for a while works fine … plus my philosophy is that if I’m happy with how a software I’ve installed is running, and it really doesn’t need updates, just lock it and enjoy the stability. I’m mainly an appimage user for the same reason.

Fourth, you ultimately find that you settle into what’s installed and what you really want to have on the system, and things get much simpler. That’s also when you start to feel the system has good stability. It can take a while to get organised and to simplify, but it most definitely works.

Fifth, I’ve kept an install text file, for 3 years, since coming to Linux, that notes a fresh install in order and anything I install and configure, plus any fixes e.g. I’ve noted how to deal with the recent key issues, and how to use downgrade, etc. This has always taken the weight off mentally, and helped me adapt and manage things so much better.


Debian is a fine distro; I run it alonside Arch and am more than happy with it. I’ve used it for many years, and I’ll never be without a Debian installation (I prefer to run Sid (the unstable branch) these days).

It’s great to have so many choices in the linux world.


What’s the point of having any update notifiers? There are always updates :smiley:

Just because updates are available, you don’t have to update right away, as long as you update somewhat regularly.

I just run yay from time to time and reboot (every day? every other day? once a week? whenever I remember? doesn’t really matter…). Never had any major breakages. And if something breaks, I have a timeshift snapshot. People tend to make a big deal out of updating :man_shrugging:t3:


Definitely, and making sure to upgrade at least every 7-10 days can be really good, and becomes second nature. And, yes, the only breakages I’ve had have been my experimentings, lol … the learning curve! :rofl:

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