Glitchy/laggy UX on Gnome 44

Since Gnome 44, I get a lot of glitches and lag that after several seconds jumps back to usable again. The mouse hangs and screen freezes.

It’s similar to this issue, but not only FF or pdf scrolling, mine is doing this anywhere and everywhere:

I suspect something in my hardware is perhaps not playing nice with 44, but the question is, how can I begin to narrow that down?

Did you look at this thread?

Interesting, I appreciate the link to the thread. I’m using Gnome DE and not having slow startup times, just intermittent screen freeze and jumpy lag for a moment after. I’ll keep an eye on that thread too though. :+1:

Did removing xdg-desktop-portal-gnome help any?

I was unsure if it was safe to remove that from a Gnome environment because I noticed the thread had a lot of i3 and KDE users. I’ll give that a try though if it’s safe in Gnome.

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