Getting Hyprland

Yes, I’m using EndeavourOS as my daily driver. I’m using BTRFS on EOS because, for a rolling release, I see many benefits in snapshots. For Ubuntu, I did not see many benefits from snapshots. Also, while EOS does the “right” things for BTRFS configurations and volumes, Ubuntu requires a lot of tweaking for BTRFS; that’s also why I gave up on BTRFS on Ubuntu.

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Good to know. I’m gonna give it a try on EOS next time :wink:

@briainod , now I have installed Hyprland with the JakooLit Repu on my 20 year old DELL Studio Laptop. Well, that took some doing. It takes 3 hours to completely install and building everything on that old guy :sweat_smile:
Now I want to see how I get on with it.The first thing I have to get used to is the keyboard shortcuts. Everything else will come naturally. The old computer is perfectly adequate for immersing myself in the Hyprland experience

@swh Nice going. Yes, I found his choice of shortcuts cumbersome. For me, I would prefer two chorded bindings (he often uses three, including Shift, Ctrl and so on) therefore I remapped most of them and I think I mapped every letter or punctuation key with Meta. Incidentally, take a look at this to map your space bar as a second Meta key when used as a chord (in combination with another key).

I’m just torrenting the Galileo ISO as we speak (it just dropped). I will use it to create a fresh installation on my old laptop. I will choose ‘No Desktop’ to cut down on updates on that machine.

Welcome to the club, and happy tweaking :wink:


I did a clean reinstall today with the new Galileo ISO but did use the option no desktop
And changed all the subvolumes a bit.

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As for the subvolumes, I think i will modify them slightly for snapshots with Snapper

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HI Guys i need testers for a hyprland version for EndeavourOS !
I need tester with fully AMD/ systems that means also the GPU .

I also need Nvidia GPU users for testing on systems AMD or INTEL does really mather but GPU does!

So who is in ?


I have and amd system 5700g with an integrated gpu. What should I do?

What is your base system on the moment i mean witch desktop environment ?

gnome, why do you ask? I hope it doesn’t affect my existing configs for gnome.

you can send me the link so I can try :slight_smile:

in that way, I could adjust my scripts to work with dracut since arch is using mkinitcpio

I could learn from yours (plus maybe steal some :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Hello, I can, AMD Ryzen 5800X, Nvidia 1660
Now have dualboot win 11 + endeavouros latest with i3 wm installed yesterday :smiley:
But hyprland has more nice look as for me

Thanks foryour video.


Welcome to the forum, sir :blush: :blush:

I’m ready to install on an intel (five year old asus zenbook)

Thank you very much for your recent video.

Do we have a link to the repo for testing and refinement of a EOS-Hyprland CE @RedBlizard ?


Hello, I am a new user in the process of setting up EOS in a dual boot environment with Windows and was planning on using Hyprland. I’m running on a 5600X and 6750XT with the GNOME DE. If you still need testers please let me know as I’d be happy to help!

First of all welcome to the purple people , second what cpu do you have ?

Thanks! I’m on a Ryzen 5 5600x and an RX 6750XT. Complete AMD build

I could see lots of updates on installation :slight_smile: And its nice to see some additions which will “standout” to the crowd

Ill check out later today or tomorrow the full amd one

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I am in for testing … where I can find link ? :slight_smile: