Getting Hyprland

Good afternoon everyone,

What are the chances of getting Hyprland Endeavour added to the community edition?

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I would say they are pretty good as long as there will be some people willing to step in, create a Hyprland CE and maintain it.

You could check out the sway community edition and how it’s set up and create a base repo like this so people can chime in.

look like one in process. i sure it no be long.


That was new to me! Thanks for sharing!
Looks like it was created Jan. the 5th (initial commit).

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i have been busy with hyprland but do to my work i did not have the time to take a look at it further and also because it was not stable enough for new users i was holding the development back but we are now a few months further so i will pick the project up as soon as i can sorry about the delay.


I am using Hyprland on EOs for last 2 weeks. no issues so far , no bugs, no problems :slight_smile:


Which desktop is this installed on? Can you explain how to install it and set it up?

Edit: Looks nice. I see it’s the IdeaPad 5 pro. Is this the laptop you finally decided on?

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Hi, I used Eos as a base, without DE . Than from tty I installed all necessary apps .

Basically I followed this script

But manually installed everything with some modifications :slight_smile:

Yes, that is my new laptop, for almost 2-3 months, and I am really satisfied :slight_smile:


I’m glad you finally got the one that suits you and thanks. So you started with base but didn’t you end up with a desktop or? Not sure whether i will try this or not? One never knows though.

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Nah, I am using WM (hyprland ) for last 2 weeks.

And no plans to go back to KDE :slight_smile:

So it’s just a background?

What you mean by background ?

The purple image behind the applications open.

Yes, that is just wallpaper. But the rest is Hyprland but wayland.

Like i3wm or bspwm on x :slight_smile:

So does the base give you file manager and such like you have shown on the image?

No, you need to install everything manually .

I installed thunar, terminal etc

Or use script above and it will do everything :slight_smile:

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Would be awesome if we’ll get an community installer for hyprland!

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Glad to hear it. I use hyprland on ArcoLinux and Archcraft. You may want to look at their github pages for guidance. I was looking at your package list files and want to mention that sway is not necessary and you need to add xdg-desktop-portal and xdg-desktop-portal-hyprland. Both are in the arch/extra repos now.

Also, how about an official thread for interacting with the devs as a precursor to a subforum. The same thing happened with the sway edition.

Sorry for my late replay have been very busy with my work last months and yeah i know about the package list files they are copied over from the sway edition and still have to take a good look at the list.

I hope i have the time in the coming weeks to pick it up again and at least make a test version before its released to the public.

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