Getting Hyprland

Garuda has a hyprland edition now

Tried it in a vm, it works it has all the needed stuff, the rendering is a bit bad in a vm, but I’m sure it works on a real hardware.

Might be a good idea to take a look at their config.

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Yeah, but I still prefer EOS with JaKooLit script for Arch and Hyprland :slight_smile:

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Hyprland is on my “to tinker with” list. It’s a wonderfully clean, minimalist overall look.

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That JaKooLit looks awesome, tempted to try it. What do you think, will those dotfiles and whatnot mess up my existing gnome configs?

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No, after those script, you will have separate Hyprland ( you can choose on login Gnome or Hyprland.) No mess :slight_smile:

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Wait. Hyprland allows you to have separate settings for the same user depending on how you’re feeling that day or what you need to do?

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Nice little video building Hyprland after installing EndeavourOS


Yeah this guy did a fantastic job. Just backed up my configs and fired up the install. I recommend you check his video walk through first.


And for the weekend, another one :wink:


Evening everyone, at least that’s what it is here! Just for your information, I don’t know who is already on Hyprland, but this relates to Hyprland and Nvim, today I tested a few things and normally Nvim, which is actually a terminal app, cannot be opened on workspace of your choice, well I have found out how this is possible in Hyprland.
You do this with the following keybind.


bind = $mainMod SHIFT, V, exec, [workspace 4] kitty --class=nvim nvim

important in this case is the last part of the bind --class=nvim nvim I have not tested it yet, but this could also work like this in sway, for example, I also have to test this with bspwm on x11
But I suspect that this could work with any WM, but it is the case. I am currently running the git version of Hyprland because it is newer and has slightly more options than the regular core version.


I am still not sure do I like Mako or Dunst more. Mako has nice custom notifications but Dunst is much more simple imo and it also has native Wayland support out of box.


You are that guy which guides I follow when I am using Ubuntu and btrfs. :slight_smile:

Hopefully you can do the same for 23.10 and snapper :slight_smile:

And ofc, great work here for Hyprland . Eos need that

Thanks to this thread, I’ve been looking into Hyprland. Everything fits in a Qemu installation and I have also understood quite a lot.

But I have to ask you my most important question. Does it make sense to install Hyprland parallel to KDE? Actually I want to keep KDE as my daily desktop .

I dumped plasma for hyprland but then I use to be an i3 guy and love tile managers and cli over giant piles of GUI apps and endless settings menus

@swh it do! As he states in the video “it makes sense to choose a Desktop Environment with Wayland support”. When I installed, I used the Sway Community Edition for the same reason.

When Galileo (the next major version of EOS) is released, I may redo my base installation, as KDE is under such active development, I have the space on this machine, it makes sense to keep up with the developments of Plasma 6, if only as a fallback.

You may prefer to use the JaKooLit Arch-Hyprland script because it offers many more customizations. Be sure to install Hyprland-git, as the version in the Aur is lagging behind by a couple of months.

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@briainod Thank you for your detailed answer. My worries were, as you describe, not necessary.
I still have a leftover ssd hard disk, I could also install hyprland on it and then select the DE when starting. I will think about how to do that.
The possibility with JaKooLit Script looks promising.

@swh It’s sometimes worth ‘thinking about it out loud’, as we never know what we don’t know

After I ran the script, Hyprland showed up in the Display Manager and I could select it at login.

Ja’s script keeps evolving. Because I made alot of my own customizations, I haven’t upgraded for a while. Now that he has consolidated the versions into a single repo, I might fork it along with his Hyprland-Dots and create a branch for my modifications of the Waybar and keybindings. That way I can pull his changes and merge them into my branch.

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I still haven’t tried dunst, it’s on my todo list.
However, mako wasn’t that hard to use after all

Thanks! But I now use Ubuntu rarely and only with EXT4.

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Do you use it with EndeavourOS too?

I decided on EXT4 over BTRFS for my last installation after reading up on it a little bit.