Getting Hyprland

Yeah i always change my hyprland config to but this i forgot freaking waybar. i did read it before about wlr/workspaces but i forgot totally.

Too much technical stuff for me :sweat_smile: Kudos :grin:

This is perfect. Can not wait to try it :slight_smile:

Decided to try eww over waybar and . . . . well . . . eww. Widget were cool but there were some weird overlay issues on the screen. Was trying this specific branch

waiting on the community edition push :slight_smile:

Here is my hacked up screeenshot

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I just wish i could edit the Waybar to make it how i want as i don’t like some of the configurations on most of the scripts i have tried.

agreed, I hack together some waybar features and steal css from other dot files. Happy with the features but i just grabbed a simple css for the bar.

@ricklinux I would suggest looking at many waybar and style.css configs to get a feel for how things work, and the perhaps ‘borrow’ some of those elements that you can apply to your own, existing set up. You might be able to ‘frankenstein’ a cool bar that way.

Or, at the very least, gain a little more knowledge and perspective along the way.


I read your your Hyprland guides, one and two and found them to be very easy and straight forward, especially for the novice user wanting to install Hyprland.

Kudos to you @lorebett for providing these guides. I only hope more people read them, and try out Hyprland for themselves.


@meurglys Thank you so much for the kind words! :blush:

And here’s the third guide:


Great series…I appreciate you taking the time to write and share this, so others may be able to get up and running with Hyprland.

Thanks to your guide, I learned how to add wpctl set-volume to my wireplumber module in my waybar config to adjust the sound incrementally. Before that, I was using the pw-volume package from the AUR.

yes, thank you! Very useful. Great blog!

Thanks. This is going to be helpful as I continue to get my Hyprland set up. I wonder if it will banish the dreaded 2FA email code when signing into

In a similar vein, I wrote a guide on setting up encryption keys and sub keys a few years ago

Another post on your blog that I knocked alot of value was about setting charging values I didn’t know it was possible! That works flawlessly. and the laptop runs on ‘mains’ electricity alone when the battery is full. I set mine to 85% stop charging.

I wonder if that’s why I can’t get sound working with ncmpcpp and mopidy. My sound works with the JaKoolit script with the exception of that one application.

@briainod Hmmmmmm…I installed a fresh Hyprland here in EOS, using the no desktop option from the installer. When I install ncmpcpp, I also get mpc and mpd and it always works for me.

I looked the the archinstall issues wiki this evening, and they still haven’t completely fixed the pipewire-jack/jack2 problem, although, they seem to think that by changing the installation order, and having pipewire download before everything else might work.

I also read somewhere that firefox is causing some of these issues.