Forum's new layout (decision reversed)

That’s the goal :wink:


Let’s hope they expand it :wink: :smile:

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I can disable that, I was in doubt. Shall I let it show up as it is full-blown? I mean afterwards you can close it.

It’s looks good on white too. no problem.

Thank you it just got added.


Personally, I would think it’s a better option to give the choice to close it.

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Okay, I disabled the collapse feature.


That is possible.

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Now it’s impossible to miss the information!
But you never know :wink: :sweat_smile:


close work ok… think it better with expand , shame no way to replace (expand to close ) after usr go up level. that way new usr get reminded + keep xp usr happy that option to remove

guess can no pls everyone :rofl:

EDit. i no mind both way .


It reappears after you revisit the forum.


true. usr need to close every time . wonder if that old fast for xp usr! at end of day it hard find mid ground

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Now that’s absolutely horrible idea to nag regulars with that huge banner all the time even when you open new tab.

P.S. Not the idea of screen itself, but that it reappears

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What do you think about putting the text about posting in Arch forum below the boxes with some icon that still can bring attention to it? Just a thought.

If it’s a “Banner topic” then it doesn’t appear after you close it (while you’re logged in).

Doesn’t look like a Banner topic. :thinking:

I see that newcomer screen each time when i open new tab of forum being logged in :man_shrugging:

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It is a fixed layout. I think a more tech-savvy person can change that, but I’m already glad I found this solution. :wink:

I guess it is a small price to pay to get our help tools more in the picture. :wink:


I completely disagree, harassing regulars is bad idea :rofl:
Now each new tab i have to close this… :scream:

You can’t force newcomer to read something, regardless of how in the face it is btw, that’s my professional opinion :upside_down_face:


That massive fricken banner.



How do I kill it? Damn thing refuses to stay dead.

Why are you messing with something that wasn’t broken?

I am pretty sure that nobody wants that each and every time they login, or even guests just visiting the site.

Please remove it, shoving this down users throats is a stain on the site, not an improvement.


I have to agree, it is pretty big - good for newcomers but not for anyone who visits here regularly

No it is not.

It is not good for any user.

Create a link to this info on the main website if you really have to, don’t billboard it permanently on the forum.