Curious about general consensus of DE among Endeavouros users?

I guess im still considered new is to Endeavour, coming from vanilla arch. Curious what most are using Desktop Environment wise. Was previously using KDE heavily but started messing around with xfce, deepin, and budgie. Personally do coding and security work on a t480 with some upgrades but like performance/speed over super flashy(some flash is ok)

Any suggestions, or reasonings why you would use a certain DE on EndeavourOS over others?

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Buckle up everyone. Smells like another Desktop Environment war is forth coming. I love the smell of napalm in the morning.



I perfer to use a window manager. Openbox in particular.
Flame on! :rofl:


Haha I honestly was typing it and realizing oh no this is gonna seem like I’m trying to start a war. But nah no bashin anyone for their choices, but more so giving me ideas/likely others of what works well what doesn’t from personal experiences.

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I personally have had a hard time making WM smooth enough for my workflow on any distro. I don’t know why but just I always feel like they aren’t for me. More power to you/glad you can get it to work with your workflow.


For what it’s worth (not much) there’s a DE user poll here:


This is always a topic of eternal debate. I think you should try several desktop environments and then use the one that works best for you.


The general consensus is that there is no such thing in the Linux world :wink:


No need to buckle up, there are no “wars” when it comes to desktop environments, the victor is pretty obvious. :rofl:

Joking aside, you have plenty of options on EndeavourOS, and there is no stigma in preferring one over others (even though they are certainly not equally good choices).

But if you can’t make up your mind on your own and are interested in what others are using, despite Xfce being the default DE and the one running on the ISO image, about half of EndeavourOS users use KDE Plasma (if we are to trust self-reporting, there is no telemetry to actually determine that), so it is pretty clear that Plasma is, by far, the most popular desktop environment on EndeavourOS. For a good reason, I might add.


Yeah i am not sure why i have a love hate for KDE, i feel like it gives a blend between windows and mac functionality and makes it its own, i can just never stay on it

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That is a good way of putting it :grinning:

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If i could combine all the major DEs to make a super DE i would

Thanks for the link, will check it out

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same :poop: different day/thread :disappointed:.

No best!

only the best one that fit the usrs need/want that is installing the OS.

what work for one , no work for other usr. Choice! that the wonder of GNU/Linux . :vulcan_salute:


Yeah i understand that, post was never meant to be like a war or a give me the best and tell me what to install but more so an open invite to explain why some use certain ones on Endeavouros, thought for me is that for me or maybe others that it could open eyes to oh this person is doing similar things to my needs/wants and uses that maybe it could work for me or maybe its a good reason to stay away from it

That’s what you can’t do. With such power, you could also combine different Linux distributions, because each of them has its own characteristics. Some of the desktop environments are for those that are easy to customize, for others the beauty of the surface is important, and so on. I admit that it is difficult to choose between them.

I went with GNOME because my personal experience with KDE was very tenuous. I wish it wasn’t because I like the asthetics KDE offers out of the box over GNOME. It’s pretty! But it seemed like every time I turned around, something broke, and just as much as it was pretty when it worked, was extra ugly when it broke!

Just my experience. Now that I’m getting lots more “flight time” under my belt with EOS and all kinds of other home lab linux tinkery I’m doing, I’m sure at some point I’ll re-visit KDE.

This was all part of my journey to finding a Linux daily driver that would mark my permanent Exodus from the M$ plantation. I decided to give EOS a try and go with GNOME on this one. I don’t have much to rave about GNOME per se other than I’ve not had nearly the difficulty with it that I did KDE by this point, but EOS and the devs and the community are all WORLD-CLASS!! WOW! I couldn’t be happier with this leg of my Linux life. :slight_smile:


I like the look of Gnome, I’ve used KDE but still liked more GNOME, I’d use pantheon but not wayland support yet.
And while I’ve tried window managers and found them great for focus, it’s just to much focus for me


If I have to use a DE I would say gnome is #2/#3because it’s modern looks and it just works, it’s snappy, has gestures and nice workspace overview. KDE #3/#2, it’s modern too but I am not a big fan of old windows/taskbar style layout, and for whatever reason always ran in trouble when connecting my laptop to multiple screens or swapping screens from work to home. Maybe that’s fixed by now, but had best experience with Wayland to date.

If I were using a desktop instead of laptop I would flip that numbering between kde and gnome.

I3wm comes #1 if course :wink:, super well done on eos, and not a DE

Xfce comes by default for a reason, stability, little change.


If I were to go with a DE instead of a WM (openbox), it would be a toss up between Mate and Xfce. I like both but find it hard for me to make a definite choice between the two. I do favor Mate a bit more though.

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