Curious about general consensus of DE among Endeavouros users?

Just use Windows. There’s only one choice. :rofl:


Oh HECK NO!!! :rage:

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KDE Plasma. It just works.
Tried before Cinnamon, Gnome, XFCE, MATE, but most of the time from the beginning of my Linux journey been using Plasma.
It gave me all positive sides that I had when was a Windows user but without it downsides. And gave me many additional good stuff that I didn’t had before.


I install both KDE and LXQT.

The general consensus is that there’s no general consensus for a DE, which is why there’s like 10 options and then some.

Generally GNOME, xfce, and kde are the front runners, with i3 as the most common wm.

But really, no one agrees on anything except we don’t agree.

Also GNOME would be the correct answer.




1- i3, openbox, fluxbox, icewm

…or something like that.


Nothing wrong with gnome, for me i tend to not use it as much cause it doesnt fit my workflow style and i like something different since my other work laptop is a mac so gnome and macos feel to similar to me

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How do you feel productivity wise with xfce? WMs are something I havent been able to get comfortable with

reason for lxqt?

Soooooooo GNOME

yeah i only ever liked using cinnamon on mint. KDE i like, think i wanted to drift away from it for less resource usage/to see if battery performance experimenting

98 or xp?

You have a reason for mate over xfce?

Gotta say the EOS theming of XFCE is nice. i like gnome and kde but been wanting to go away from them

This gonna be further monologues? Count me out, thx.

Yeah i use the device for coding and some cyber sec work so when it comes to it having some nice looking/flashy stuff is nice but as long as it doesnt get in the way or drain my battery im happy

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WinBLOWS…(said the GNOME user)… :vulcan_salute: :rofl: :crazy_face: