Cellphone recommendations? Long time iphone user here

Curious what everyone recommends for cellphones these days.
Been a life long iphone user and never had anything else, besides nokia / motorola razers back in the day lol.

I WISH Linux phones were a thing but I think we are at least 5 years out from using them. I cant wait to use something like the Librem or pinephone.

I was thinking trying Android or de-googled.

De-Googled Android plus supported plus refurbished for eco-friendly? https://esolutions.shop/


First, it is pretty hard to make a phone recommendation with some understanding of what your wants/needs/budget.

Second, I am going to make a suggestion that most people here won’t like. If you are life long iphone user and you are happy with the iOS platform, why switch? Not only will you lose all your app buy-in but you may not be happy with Android. My personal phone is an Android device and my work phone is iOS. I use both throughout the day. There are pros and cons to both platforms.

That being said, if you want an Android device, without any additional information I would consider an unlocked pixel. Not because they are superior phones, but because most of the best privacy roms run well on the pixel.


Pixelated phones are you jam? Never would have guessed that.

I like the iPhone se 2020. Low price. Nice features. Not chasing the top of the proverbial power curve. Camera is the best at that price point. Had it 10 months and I have 0 complaints.


I rock OnePlus - they are EXTREMELY well supported with LineageOS


Very happy with my cheap Oppo running Android. Using KDE Connect or CXFile Manager I can transfer files to/from my laptop on EOS without any grief.
When trying to find something that could transfer files reliably in/out of the IOS world for a mate with a iPhoneX, in the end I had to rely upon a pay-for iOS app that could work with SFTP. But it was slow and clumsy.

I just ordered a One Plus. They have phones from $229 to $1500 that compete easily with high specs in each price range.

These are all unlocked phones purchase direct from One Plus.


I recently dropped my old iPhone in a bowl of Tomato soup and shorting out the charging port. I took the opportunity to upgrade to a Motorola One 5G UW. I’ve been happy with it so far – works well with KDE connect.

I never heard of One Plus until this thread. Those phones look really cool and I think it would be a good change from the iOS ecosystem.

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Thank you for the recommendation on the pixel phone. I am going to look into that and the OnePlus phones.

I basically want anything other then an iphone because I would like to change it up and move out of the iOS ecosystem. It is the only iOS device I ever used, always hated macbooks and really only used iphones for their convenience. The inner nerd in me thinks I would enjoy something more like an android / other os. Looking to spend around less than $500, and be able to do basic stuff, no gaming or anything like that.

I recommend one of those that I bought a while ago. Well under $500 with a battery life of 3 weeks :wink:

Nokia 105!


Not exactly a recommendation - but if I needed a different phone I would check LineageOS website for which ‘older’ phones they support, then I would buy used…or perhaps one of Samsung’s A series (they are a re-release of a previously top-end phone). With LineageOS you get Android security updates for longer than you will with a new phone - and better control over privacy.


then have a look for

  • pixel 4 or more and CalyxOs ( can “use some services google”)
  • pinephones
  • TTsims with linux
  • grapheneOs ( no service google )

be very careful on Security , it is not the same thing between android & linux

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For about two weeks ago I switched to /e/ on my Galaxy S8 and cannot be happier. You might find that some of your apps will not work (as intended) but overall very nice user experience. My phone feels much lighter in my pocket without G :eyes:gle tracking every move I make.

With that said, If I had some spare money, I would go for a Pixel phone and put something like CalyxOS or perhaps Graphene OS on it. These seem to be all the rage in privacy/security communities.

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I have 2 phones atm: Realme X2 Pro and a Google Pixel 5.

I bought the Pixel recently, specifically to tool around with custom roms, as it’s one of the best phones to use to ironically de-google your phone usage with.

I’ve tried GrapheneOS, CalyxOS and am currently using ProtonAOSP.

Tempted to go back to Calyx though, as the battery life was far better, but the main downside of any custom rom like Graphene/Calyx is the lack of ability to cast to a chromecast device, as the cast API is closed source and proprietary to Google.

And I watch most of my TV content via my Chromecast - recently it’s been binge-watching the entirety of Line of Duty :joy:


I take one of those every day of the week. Very beautiful phone.


What is /e/ ?

A de-googled phone & android rom vendor/provider:

Would have been fun if /e/ fitted on my, from my dads abandoned, Samsung but nothing seems to fit on it. :roll_eyes:
Not Lineage os, nothing.
Samsung Galaxy J5. (SM-J530F)

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