Cellphone recommendations? Long time iphone user here

It’s a pity. Feels like you have to chase around sometimes to find some custom rom for your phone. Perhaps better to look for the support first and then find a suitable phone. But in case of your dad’s phone, it looks it doesn’t help either.

This is from an old-ish post from /e/'s forum:

/e/ is forked from LineageOS. We’ve modified several parts of the system (and we’re just beginning): installation procedure, settings organization, default settings. We’ve disabled and/or removed any software or services that were sending personal data to Google (for instance, the default search engine is no longer Google). We’ve integrated microG by default, have replaced some of the default applications, and modified others. We have added a synchronization background software service that syncs multimedia contents (pictures, videos, audio, files…) and settings to a cloud drive, when activated.

Also, we’ve replaced the LineageOS launcher with our own new launcher, written from scratch, that has a totally different look and feel from default LineageOS.

We’ve implemented several /e/ online services, with a single /e/ user identity (user@e.email). This infrastructure will be offered as docker images for self hosting: drive, email, calendar… to those who prefer self-hosting.

We have added an account manager within the system with support for the single identity. It allows users to log only once, with a simple “user@e.email” identity, for getting access to /e/'s various online services (drive, email, calendar, notes, tasks).

Nokia 105!

I almost bough it as my primary phone, but it’s lacking MP3 playing (the only thing I need besides calls, SMS and alarm clock).
So I bought a Nokia 2720 Flip, also because a flip phone is super cool.
There’s some web abilities (including WiFi) without a touchscreen.

And I wanted to test the KaiOS environment (also present in all current Nokia phones including the 105). It’s more-or-less the grandson of FirefoxOS.
Facebook and Google develop specific apps for it, it’s practical (if you can stand the Google and Facebook ecosystems).

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I have it as a daily cell phone. Yes, it misses most things.

+1 oppo. Oppo and Oneplus are from the same manufacturer.

It has just updated to Android 11 and actually feels snappier :smiley:

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I just read a review of that phone.
According to that guy the phone became laggy after a short time.
Apps freezing etc .

Not noticed it here, but Android 11 feels really responsive, better than 10.

Id personally recommend either one of the G series motorola phones that support lineage OS or if you want to go full de-google/apple you would get a Pixel3/4 series with GrapheneOS for that sweet security.


I think this is a good way to narrow down the options after watching reviews and web searches. Utilizing Lineage, graphene, oxygen or calyxos OS on a Pixel phone. But OnePlus phones look awesome and so do the Fairphones and G series Motorolas.

Thanks for your reply!

Here is a little info on one plus.

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you paid $500 for nokia 105 :astonished: 500 american / us dollars ???

i would recommend nokia as nokia droids come with stock android & none of the bloatware from the manufacturer.

nokia also provides security updates for 3 years for their entire line-up.

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I’ve bought a Poco f2 pro (330€ on sale, FIRE specs) few months ago, also got other xiaomi phones for my family, they all work very well with lineageOS, microG (custom ungoogled android phones), amoled screens are beautiful (maybe not in the long run though, never had one before), was a looooooooong time we didn’t upgrade phones, hopefully it will be an even longer time till have to switch again!
So far very happy with my CrDroid F2, only complain is it’s quite big ^^
Other ones are Mi9 lite (around 220€) and Mi9T (new refurbished, around 200 i think), a bit less “huge”.
All 3 have very very attractive price/specs.
All bought within the past year and half i think.
No regrets.


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No no! I paid around 350 Swedish money. Around 41.39 USD or so. It was more that it was well below $500 :smiley:

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Linux phones are not yet fully functional, but try best degoogled phones. e.g. e-project, also


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TLDR, If you mentioned CDMA or GSM as your carrier. If you want android with CDMA (for instance Verizon), you are really limited on selection of unlocked carrier phones. One Plus certain models only, Moto, f(x) tec, maybe Pine. Otherwise if GSM is your thing (such as AT&T), almost anything will work. I use one plus 7 Pro with Carbon ROM no Google on Verizon service. Love it. One Plus after the 7 series, the hardware gets weird for rooting. Not saying it can’t happen, just harder. But being from iphone, you probably don’t mind being locked in and locked down. XDA would be a good site to check out phone recommendations. Good luck!

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i find it extremely amusing when americans have worries about using products from google an american company but own phones from chinese, japanese, korean & taiwanese manufacturers & use antivirus made in czech republic, romania, russia & slovakia.

just saying.


I agree, people celebrated Huawei, by totally ignoring that it comes from a country where everyone is surveilled, like around the clock, while Google is not as bad, still collecting data

I really am not worried about Google’s data collection. What gets me wound up about Google is the amount of bandwidth they suck up collecting their data and all the updates for apps I’ll never use, or wanted, that are installed on factory OS. I have to buy all my data and I live in a rural area where the signal is not good. So when I do a web search and it doesn’t go through cause Google has to get their info first to serve me the correct ads, that warms me up pretty good. No Google on my phone means faster internet for me :slight_smile:


My Android (now LineageOS) phone only comes off “wifi only” mode when I happen to be lost (!) or really needing a browser when out. Once very few months, then. And the extra useless apps are why it’s on Lineage now - as well as more recent security updates…

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