Can we get a darker wallpaper

I love most of the current wallpapers we have for Endeavour. But I like to request from the community can someone create something like the one below.

This one is from the community and love to see another similar to this it looks awesome. I would have created one but I suck at artwork.

The best wallpaper (and it’s pretty dark, too):

I use this on my left monitor.

EDIT: What? Is it not dark enough for you? You should totally mark this post as the solution, you can always change it if someone posts a darker wallpaper…






I thought it was just black color (RGB 0x000000) but there is actually some pattern in it. Either that or my monitor is just acting funny. :thinking:

So I guess you can go a slightly darker. And if 0x000000 black is not enough you can always use 10-bit colors. (or crank it to 11) :sweat_smile:

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Or you can use oled display to go even blacker :laughing:

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Sorry @s4ndm4n, this is so far the best recreation of the original I can do. :blush:
But at least it’s dark purple.



I’m a gimp novice but it is fairly easy to darken a wallpaper adding an all black layer an adjusting the opacity.
Unfortunately everything including the endeavouros logo is darkened.
Attached is the wallpaper in your initial post with 75% opacity you might find it acceptable.
I hope @Krimkerre is okay with me modding his wallpaper and posting in the forum.

gimpistas probably know how to create a mask around the logo so that doesn’t get darkened.

Thank you. But what I meant was if someone can make another wallpaper that looks cooler than our usual wallpapers. They look nice but this looks awesome though (for me).

Does it have to be astronaut related? I don’t have any cool astronaut pics.

Well, it doesn’t have to have an astronaut. I posted the image just to show what I meant. And to express the vibe I wanted to express. Sorry if I’m not that clear because English is not my main language. The posted wallpaper gaming vibe than other wallpapers. It feels cooler and gamey than wallpaper for a distro. You know what I mean.

ok, yeah was wondering because I saw all these cool astronaut pics, and just copy past them from google and making a background may be problematic due to copyright. So was wondering how people do it or if you are interested in anything specific like nature images etc…

I don’t mind what image is used as long as it looks cool and has a gaming vibe to it. Also, have dark colors like the wallpaper I posted.

I made this one a while back, I could use the same asset to make something darker for dark wallpaper fans.

Also have you had a good look through the community wallpapers? There’s a heap of options in there

that would be great!! I like the astronaut-themed ones but the white color in them dissuades me from using them.

These are some very cool wallpapers:

So, now you’ve asked for a dark wallpaper, and I’ve gotten you the darkest wallpaper imaginable, then you’ve asked for a cool wallpaper, and I’ve found that for you, as well.

Now, you should really mark my reply as the solution, there is nothing more to be added :rofl:


Hotter than usual.

‘Cool’ is very vague and subjective but here’s a couple I came up with that are darker.

4K Versions here: