Collection of Winter Wallpapers

Greetings lovely community,

In the spirit of December and the winter time (sorry Australia/New Zealand!), I’d like to share with you all some of my most used and favorite wallpapers of the winter time season that helps get me in the mood for the holidays and remind me of all the beauty this planet has to offer in a snowy type of settings. Hope you enjoy some of them!



These are pretty cool. :snowflake:


Those are awesome, got any more? :grinning:

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Glad you like them! Most of the locations are from Japan, Germany, Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, and other parts of Europe. Even though I am from the US, the rest of the world has so much beauty to enjoy.

@Christopher67 I posted like 70 at first, then edited it down to 10, but I think it still shows like 70 of them, so if that’s not enough for you, then I don’t think any number ever will be enough for you :stuck_out_tongue:


This is so cool :star_struck: how to choose one for my desktop now ? Ehh


This is the one I am currently using:

And this one is one that I always end up using at some point in the winter months:

You can pick several, and just cycle them :wink:


I know…but that is kinda hard atm, because I am using i3 and still learning :slight_smile: few days ago I changed wallpaper :nerd_face:

But good advice, will search how to do it

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70? :thinking:

Edit: Aaah yes 62, my bad sorry.


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Nice work, @Scotty_Trees !!! Thanks!!!

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Try variety last time I used it worked well.