Building a new pc but i despair about the choice of the mainboard

hello all.
I would like to build a new PC.
I have already chosen these parts:
I prefer an amd ryzen 7 5700G, the gpu’s are still too expensive.
I just want a little video editing with handbrake or kdenlive,
two sata hard drives with my music and videos.
a sata ssd hard drive which I still have left.
furthermore a m2 ssd for endeavoros.

but somehow i despair at the decision for a mainboard. maybe the community here can help me a bit.

I prefer an atx form factor so that it fits in a midi tower and I also still have possibilities to upgrade.

i have one of these in mind

MSI MPG B550 Gaming Plus at mindfactory

MSI MPG B550 Gaming Plus

Gigabyte B550 Aorus Elite V2 at mindfactory

Gigabyte B550 Aorus Elite V2

MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk at mindfactory

MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk

would you like to share your experiences with me why you use this particular motherboard and why?
There are just too many out there :wink:

best regards

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I would take the top one out of the running since it doesn’t have 2.5gb eithernet and the other 2 do.

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They all use the same chipset so the differences are not that great. I don’t think there is a bad choice here.

Well, between the two MSI motherboards the primary differences seem to be a second LAN port at 2.5Gb and a better audio chipset. The only downside is that there are two less USB 2.0 ports. So the MSI MAG Tomahawk seems the better choice there.

The gigabyte board is similar to the Tomahawk. It has more USB 3.2 type A rear ports but lacks a type rear port. It has only one ethernet port as opposed to two on the Tomahawk.

IME, Gigabyte and MSI are similar from a quality perspective.

If it was me, without considering price, I would go with the MAG tomahawk because I would rather have the rear USB 3.0 than more type A ports.


ok, gaming plus is out
that’s right, usb type-c speaks for the tomahawk, the price for gigabyte
the tomahawk was at 119€ and the gigabyte at 99€ on the weekend.
i will probably decide between these two.

i have already found it useful to know that there is not much difference in quality between msi and gigabyte.

what kind of motherboard do you use?

Gigabyte has much better quality components (capacitors / motherboard lanes / connector pins / plates etc) and build quality actually (compared to practically any other brand, outside of some very specific and usually very expensive models).

They market that as Ultra Durable

P.S. But that only matters if you don’t plan to e-waste that board in a year i guess

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hopefully i can work with this composition for 10 years :wink:

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The MSI Tomahawk and the Gigabyte Aorus Elite support ECC memory. The MSI gaming Plus supports ECC memory only in Non ECC mode. So that’s a difference if it matters to you. The Tomahawk also has two Ethernet ports which is something that may be of interest. The Gigabyte Board is supposed to be very good. It also has WiFi built in which is a cost if you need it. I have an MSI X570 MPG Gaming Plus and i also have the B550 MAG Tomahawk which is still new in the box. I can tell you i have a Gigabyte RX590 Graphics card and it is great also. I don’t think any of them are a bad choice. Myself I would likely choose between the MSI Tomahawk and the Gigabyte Aorus Elite.

Edit: Probably my next board will be the Gigabyte since i have some MSI. :wink:

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no, i don’t need a wifi adapter. that’s why this Gigabyte B550 Aorus Elite V2 explicitly.
two different LAN adapters are also not necessary.
The Aorus Elite unfortunately has the usb type-c only on-board, but that would not be tragic. I would only need it to flash the Google Pixel.

at weekend the X570 gaming was also available for only 109€ at mindfactory :wink:
or I wait until the Aorus Elite B550 drops below 100€ again :smiley:

It will probably come down to the Gigabyte

I don’t think there is a bad choice in any of them. They are all ATX boards which is what i prefer and always purchase. One of the reasons i myself would choose the Gigabyte is because i haven’t owned one yet. I’ve also heard good things about the Elite. But it depends on your needs and what is more important to you as far as ports on the board and function goes. It also boils down to what is reasonable in terms of cost.

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All in all, I have set myself a budget of 600€ (+ - 50).
ram, case, power supply, ryzen 7 5700G APU, and the motherboard. i can easily manage that.

for me, other opinions from the community are important for such decisions, since i have little knowledge of them myself.

It is the first time that I build a PC myself.
I am very pleased that you have helped me with your advice to make my decision easier to do

I find this a good board, not overly impressed with the bios on it, I find
that there is not much to it not nearly as impresive as the rog strix version
that came out.


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the rog strix is of course a high end motherboard.

for me it should run reliably.
A few usb ports, an acceptable sound chip and above all not overpriced.

Everything has its pros and cons.
I think I will probably go for the Gigabyte Aorus Elite.

I just want to add to the ideas in this thread that USB 2.0 are still important. If I’d build a system today I’d make sure to have at least 2 of them. Wireless mice and keyboards reportedly cause interference with the USB 3 ports due the wireless signal’s frequencies being the same as the ports’ frequencies (5ghz receivers don’t have this issue). Logitech Unifying receivers don’t use the 5Ghz frequency and suffer from the aforementioned problem on some boards.
Of course if you don’t plan to use wireless devices or plan to use 5GHz receivers the point is moot.


The Rog series boards seem to have issues though. I think their UEFI settings are more tweaked maybe? I’ve not owned one before so i can only go on what i have seen with issues here. Myself i do like the MSI boards and i know i would like the Gigabyte. It will be one that i will get and try next time.

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thank you for this idea.
I use a logitech keyboard and mouse, both connected with usb.
a wireless connection has never been an option for me.
There are also usb ports on the case if needed.



I prefer wired myself.



as a said before, everything has pros and cons.
I will probably take the gigabyte. easy on my wallet :wink:

You can look at my setup. around 609€


Elite Aorus






APU Ryzen




Power supply unit

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I have the 5700g that I bought to hold me through to save for a discrete GPU card. It does everything I need (since I am not really a gamer) so it don’t know if I’ll ever bother to get a dGPU. I have the ASUS TUF GAMING X570-PRO (WI-FI) motherboard and everything seems to be working well.

I am not sure how your motherboard will handle detecting default memory settings, but it took me a little experimentation with different BIOS settings to get the rated speed out of my memory.

You might want to think about whether or not that PSU will meet your needs in the longer run - it is probably solid for what you are buying today, but if you will be adding a dGPU in the future they always seem to be somewhat power hungry, or if you would add any significant number of old fashioned spinning HDDs or other components like that you might find that you exceed what the PSU can provide.

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i just realized it’s the 400w power supply. i wanted the 550 or 600w.
Thanks for the correction!
you are right, there are two old hdd’s and one sdd sata which i still have left. on this one is at the moment the current endeavoros on my old pc on it.
no i am not a gamer. as mentioned above i just want to edit videos a bit with handbrake or kdenlive
good to hear that the 5700G does what it should.
sure i will also have to experiment a bit in bios to get the most out of it

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