Building a new pc but i despair about the choice of the mainboard

I have been using this board for the last year or so . Asrock has consistently provided me with a trouble free experience, and ArockRack even delivered me a customized BIOS. I have nothing but good things to say about them. In the past Gigabyte has given me fits on linux, MSI same. Asus has been a good buy for me as well. As far as power supplies Seasonic, or nothing.

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I have had great luck with asrock. My 990fx extreme 7 board has been good to me for the past 8 years or so. The one you just linked maybe my next board.

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This is interesting because I have had more failures with asrock boards than all other manufacturers combined. They are one of the few mainstream board manufacturers I will not use anymore.

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Just to throw in my experiences to this discussion, I have used ASUS boards in all my builds for years - a LOT of years - including back when AMD first released the 1 GHz (!) processor. None of them has ever given me trouble, and I currently have 3 on the go. One of them is acting as a server for EnOS and chaotic-aur repos, a B450PLUS runs my Ryzen 3 2400G system, and my main system is on X570 with a Ryzen 7 3700X setup. THis last is a gaming board, but seems to suffer from that!

The only less pleasing change over this time is the absence of the comprehensive manual in the box (they’ve gone online, like most things) - but that’s mainly my old-school sensitivities I’m sure.

No idea on how prices are where you are, though - so no specific recommends given! Just so long as your nvme is gen 4, all is good!


I was really hoping for a refresh/updated chipset from AMD on top of the AM5 boards that are coming.

If this is the case on AMD you are doing something very wrong. :hugs:

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The asrock boards were a mix of intel and amd.

Two of them were Intel X79 boards. One was an FM2 A85 and one was an AM2 nforce 520 board. They all failed after 2-3 years. To be honest, I am not sure I have ever had an asrock board that didn’t fail on me.

On the other hand, between Asus, Gigabyte and MSI I have had many boards come in DOA. Especially Gigabyte. While that is annoying when it happens, it is much less problematic than when a board fails later in a running machine.

In the old days, that stuff never happened to me. I don’t ever remember getting an Intel board that failed or was DOA(Does Intel still make consumer desktop boards?). I am not sure if that is because the quality was higher then or because the boards themselves were simpler.

These days, I buy Asus whenever I can, Gigabyte next, then MSI.

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I’m not that fond of Asrock either although i think they are better today than years earlier. I use Asus Tuf & MSI currently but have used many others over the years. Both Intel and AMD.

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FWIW my mobo is a 12 year old Gigabyte on my main Desktop Rig. It’s lacking a few modern features but it’s still going strong. When the time comes to change I would also consider Asus & MSI. Not sure which yet.

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The problem with Gigabyte is their bios/uefi is a steaming pile as is their disttibution of it /changelogs along with site security.

I’ve used Gigabyte for nearly 20yrs, the hardware is fine (ive gotten use to the garbage bios/dual bios shenanigans) but MSI and Asus generally have a better total package.

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Asrock is terrible on anything but their ultra high end these days. I agree not to use them if you have a better option.

They frequently skimp on component choice, trace layout/quality, and their bios is as bad or worse than Gigabyte most of the time. At least with GB you have quality hardware to excuse it.


I have set myself a budget of 600€ (+ - 50).
tower 70€, power supply 70€, amd ryzen 7 5600G 279€, m2 250gb 35€, so I have about 120-150€ left for the motherboard.
The MSI Tomahawk at the moment is on 137€
I dont need WiFi and some RGB bling-bling supershit at all :smiley:
My tower is closed so the need for a light inside decides me

i never thought about asrock.
GB hardware is a good point

this is actually my intention. to build a pc that will last the next 10 years :wink:

unfortunately, the online retailer where i purchased my system does not sell asus boards anymore. for whatever reason

The MSI B550 Tomahawk here is $ 219.99 Cdn so $137 Euro is a good price. That is about $31 Cdn cheaper. The only question i have is what power supply you are using?

Edit: The Gigabyte Aorus Elite is on sale here @$199.99 Cdn so is comparable

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I don’t think that is a big deal. The gigabyte board you have selected should be a good choice.

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either bequiet 600W or bequiet 500W.
if i ever want to upgrade, the 600w would be recommended. but since i’m not a gamer anyway, and i don’t plan to install an external graphics card, i think 500w will be sufficient. Ryzen 7 5700G is good deal for my needs.

i think so. tomahawk is today about 139€, Gigabyte is at 118€.
it is incredibly interesting how the prices for these boards fluctuate daily. + - 20€

The Gigabyte is a really good price compared to here.

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really? last weekend i could get it for 99€
i’ll wait till midnight…or weekend again :wink:

Right now it’s on sale here @ $199.99 Cdn and that is already less $30 Cdn

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it’s 147€ today…huh