Show your latest purchase! (With pictures)

Awesome! Looking good! :rocketa_purple:

@Data That motherboard is bulletproof. I use the same one in my home server. It has run constantly since I built it almost a year ago without any issues.

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My daughter and I own a horse for which we buy major medical insurance. When we first started down this journey I thought the insurance cost was ridiculous. Ultimately the horse required a trip to an equine hospital, several hours of emergency colic surgery and two weeks of care at the equine hospital. That’s when I found out what a bargain the medical insurance was … the total bill was over $45,000 … our portion was about $3500. I don’t complain about the horse insurance bill any more - the horse will likely die of old age before the insurance company could recover their loss on that beast.


I’m glad my local vet is pretty understanding of my situation with money. He either doesn’t charge me or lets me pay him off at around $20 a week. He’s a legend


This Thinkpad T495 I picked up on Ebay for 250 USD. Just need to pop in my SSD I got off Amazon, and a Battery I got off Ebay and we are good to go. It looks brand new, there was no signs of usage, even the charger still had the plastic on. First order of business install Endeavour OS.

AMD Ryzen 7 3500U
16GB Ram
Looks to be an intel 9260 wireless card according to lspci
Display is a 1920x1080 FHD screen.
Backlit keyboard.

Only issue I had was the weak sauce screws Lenovo put on the bottom cover. I stripped the screw until I got a screw extractor kit off Amazon. Took a while with the drill but eventually it came out.


how satisfied are you with the gigabyte? i’m about to build a new pc. i’m completely overwhelmed with the choice of motherboard, there are millions out there.

please take a look here, i started a new theme

This piece of :pie:


:coffee: :yum:


Where is your book? It didn’t come with a book? :man_facepalming:


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Did you get a pi 400?

I had to :sweat_smile: :blush:
I am on diet otherwise!
Too much :pie: :cupcake: :doughnut: recently.

Well here it’s the only model available for shipping everything else is sold out till end of sept/oct shipping dates.

Edit: I may finally order one of these. Just for fun!


It’s almost the same almost everyday.
And people get like crazy (including myself :sweat_smile:) the moment there are some in stock at some retailer.

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It did come with the book :slightly_smiling_face:

I was so excited at the time of unboxing and taking the picture that I forgot to look for it underneath everything :blush:

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Have you tried the rpilocator? Also, look for kits as some of these are easier to find. I saw a 4gb RPI4 the other day.

No I haven’t but ill take a look.

I just ordered one of these Pi 400 kits for now since the other kits are like almost 5 months to get. :wink:

Edit: I might need your help later. :grin:


The first of a new era coming soon. . .


That’s my most common type of RAM in all my laptops. Great price and great performance given you can’t attempt to overclock (most) laptops!!

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On sale for $160. . . I don’t really need 64gb. . . But for the price. What the hell hahaha.

I usually buy Patriot, and this is my first set of G. Skill, do we’ll see how it goes. I’m pretty confident it’ll be just fine.

I have Patriot in some of the newer stuff that only has 1 DIMM. Oddly, I’ve found for trustworthy name brands, buying a 2-pack the RipJaws are generally the cheapest I can find. However, when buying a SINGLE stick by itself, RipJaws are some of the more expensive. ??? Weird, but that’s how it’s been more often than not when I’ve decided to purchase. And if I can’t overclock and it will run at the JEDEC standard regardless of how much I pay, you better believe price is the #1, #2, and #3 deciding factors for my purchases!!!

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