BlendOS - A seamless blend of all Linux distributions?

Alternative to Vanilla OS?
It is made by the Ubuntu Unity maintainer.


Does it also blend all disadvantages and bugs of each distro? :rofl:


This and Vanilla seem to provide nearly the same thing. Immutable system, GNOME, other packages running in containers. Based on Arch instead of Ubuntu like Vanilla but that is unimportant when the distro is immutable.
My opinion? Pass!

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A seamless blend of all Linux distributions.

Is there really a way to blend all the Distros completely seamlessly? Im not confident in that statement


When Anbox / Waydroid can blend Android GUI apps with a certain level of integrity then a Linux distro can esily blend containers of other distros.

My experience with Anbox and Waydroid has been far less than seamless lol

It works, but not without a good chunk of problems. Its certainly an interesting idea, but time will tell on its seamlessness

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Is this like putting a frog in a blender?

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We have a frog, we can try it.

But I also will skip it…I don’t need to run immutable with overhead. At least not till I get a new pc.


“seamless” is a big word in the topic name. IMHO if humans could be perfect, then anything could be seamless. Not being cynical but… to some people/organizations/governments “seamless” means “error-free code” or “it must fit me like a glove” or “it cannot crash during mission critical”.

I have so many mixed and conflicting thoughts about this. Rolling, yet immutable…? :thinking:

Don’t like this one either. :laughing:

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I’m not exactly sure how all the things they are promising are even possible. Has anyone given it a try yet?

I tried it but it didn’t size properly in vm so i tossed it! That’s what i do when stuff doesn’t work ootb. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: I’ll install it now on bare metal. Give me 5 minutes and it will be done.

Edit2: Installed it’s annoyingly slow because every time you install something it has to create a container. I tried to install spectacle and i can’t even find it. I’m not sure if you have to reboot into the container it creates or what? I did that but still don’t see it?

ricklinux@blend ~ %> pacman -Qi spectacle
Name            : spectacle
Version         : 22.12.1-1
Description     : KDE screenshot capture utility
Architecture    : x86_64
URL             :
Licenses        : GPL
Groups          : kde-applications  kde-graphics
Provides        : None
Depends On      : xcb-util-cursor  purpose  knewstuff  kwayland  qt5-tools  kimageannotator
Optional Deps   : None
Required By     : None
Optional For    : None
Conflicts With  : None
Replaces        : None
Installed Size  : 2.87 MiB
Packager        : Antonio Rojas <>
Build Date      : Tue Jan 3 06:05:03 2023
Install Date    : Thu Jan 26 17:56:44 2023
Install Reason  : Explicitly installed
Install Script  : No
Validated By    : Signature

ricklinux@blend ~ %> 

Say’s it’s installed? Can’t find it?

Edit3: Nope…still don’t like it. :wink:

Edit4: Takes way too long to reboot. Trust me I’m coming from EndeavourOS KDE that boots instantly and shuts down instantly! I’m talking in terms of seconds! 4-6 seconds to shut down. Reboot is very fast also. Cold boot is the longest but only 16-18 seconds most of the time.


Dev of blendOS here.

That’s because the current ISO only supports UEFI systems. You should be able to enable ‘EFI booting’ if you’re using VirtualBox, or switch to UEFI firmware in virt-manager.

That’s only the first time you install an app from a distro. As for why Spectacle doesn’t show up, as clearly mentioned in the message shown everytime you open a terminal, you need to manually export apps if you’re installing them by directly running pacman or any other package manager (in this case, blend export spectacle). This is why it’s recommended to use blend to install packages directly (as it automatically exports installed programs). For example, blend install spectacle (it automatically exports Spectacle).

Whoa, that’s really unexpected (as the boot and shutdown time should be in line with a fresh Arch install + GNOME/any other DE). Cold boot takes around 3 seconds in a VirtualBox VM for me (with 8 threads and 6144MBs of RAM), and shutting down takes around 4 seconds.


Welcome to EnOS’ forum @rs2009!

And thanks for all the great work you do and have done on Linux!
Wish you all the best!


Welcome to the EndeavourOS forum. I hope you enjoy your time here.



@rs2009 welcome to EndeavourOS forum, it’s always exciting (sometimes interesting) to have a developer join an impersonal posting forum. Interesting product you have but not for me because I’m still trying to become Linux “intermediate” user, still trying to remove the mudguards out of using Windows for many years.

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There version of a welcome app only available on Gnome desktop. No fan of that.

### First Setup

Ease into BlendOS with our user-friendly First Setup app, your one-stop guide to effortlessly setting up and navigating BlendOS

Always nice to see Devs from other distros stop by :raising_hand_man:


I have 2 major annoyances with immutable distros:

  • The A/B root system. On Vanilla this was configured to 20 GiB each partition so 40 GiB total. Is the size set same on BlendOS or something smaller? I can give a total of 75 GiB to Linux and rest goes to Windows so I don’t want to give most of it to system.
  • Kernel modules. I need an obscure kernel module for keyboard backlight which is installed either via DKMS or make install, can I install it to immutable distributions? Also if I want to run Nvidia Vulkan developer driver, can I also install it?