Here’s that new thing, which also plays nicely with TLP :thinking:


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i’m using this “apps” because on manjaro i started always in “powersafe”.
tool like powercpu cannot change this property ( as cpufreq-plugin on xfce )
i have removed tlp ( dont use anymore for desktop )

pro : - we have a log , as info on temperature
- no more version powertop since 2014

cons : - changes in cpufreq un linux 5.8 - 5.9 , as p-intel state will disappears

one main matter for cpu intel comme from this intel-pstate , that do not more use acpi frequency & turbo boost
( some manufacturers motherboard try to cheat , to gain the most overboost )

for version 5.7 - 5.8
i will explain , in powersafe , i see cpu on idle % between 7 - 12 with peaks 15% ( between 800/1600 to 2400 or 4Ghz )
in performance , between 5 -10%. ( stay a 3,6ghz - 4ghz ),

----------------------------- System information ------------------------------
Linux kernel: 5.8.3-2
Driver: intel_pstate
Architecture: x86_64
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz
Cores: 8

------------------------------ Current CPU states ------------------------------

CPU max frequency: 4000MHz
CPU min frequency: 800MHz

CPU frequency for each core:

CPU0: 3993 MHz
CPU1: 3974 MHz
CPU2: 3987 MHz
CPU3: 3972 MHz
CPU4: 3975 MHz
CPU5: 3963 MHz
CPU6: 3979 MHz
CPU7: 3992 MHz

Temperature for each physical core:

CPU0 temp: 36°C
CPU1 temp: 33°C
CPU2 temp: 34°C
CPU3 temp: 37°C

---------------------------- CPU frequency scaling ----------------------------

Battery is: charging
Setting to use: "performance" governor
Setting to use: "balance_performance" EPP

Total CPU usage: 2.7 %
Total system load: 0.23 

Load optimal, setting turbo boost: off


the mod powersafe always restart the boost if cpu is a little working , and have to change for that

i dont know what it will become in 5.9 as instel_pstate will no more exist

I’m little puzzled on what you’ve said, so in 5.9 auto-cpufreq and stuff like that is not needed anymore?

no in 5.9 intel-pstate ( it concerns all cpu from 2014/2015 ) will not be used

there is a patch for some cpu , because it is NOT HWP but Soft internal Intel CPU in some cases

auto-cpufreq cant use after internal p-state anymore in 5.9


Have you used this one by chance? If you have what are your thoughts about it?

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been using Auto-cpufreq it work nice for me …

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But have you used this widget that I linked to or the script that @keybreak has posted about?

i not use widget…

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Here is a new video on Auto-Cpufreq, which is in AUR.

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I tried auto-cpufreq but my laptop stays on posersave the whole time unless I connect it to the power source… and since I have a really poor cpu on my laptop (intel n4000) and I use it almost only on battery it’s painfully slow with auto-cpufreq for my taste

I use TLP and change the governor to conservative with cpupower, this is the best combination for me

I don’t know why he said that TLP turns of turboboost, my stays on if I need it

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used it for long times … no leave home without :blush: Good video :pray:

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