[YouTube Vid] EndevourOS website needs to place Download link in a better place

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Tl;dr → EOS website’s home page shows a lot of unnecessary stuff and finding a download link is far more difficult if compared to websites of mint and manjaro for a newb.

I swear I think you post this stuff just to get a rise out of people. It’s dead smack in the middle of the main page? :joy:


That’s true. I always find it quite annoying if websites don’t have the download link right at the front page. And even if you click on “Download” you still have to scroll the page down. First page should always contain a download link.

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@Elloquin Looks like you haven’t seen the video yet

@I0F That’s the point :+1:

To be honest I didn’t have to bother based on the ridiculous statement you made.


@Elloquin :point_up:

LOL again what are you on about? Endeavous OS requires three clicks to download. Mint requires two. Manjaro requires three as well. EndeavourOS simply provides more information. It is after all slightly more complicated to use then mint and manjaro as it should be.


That’s actually the EXPLORE button. There is no download link at all on the main page. Perhaps there should be?

The quickest way to get to the download link is hover over download on the menu, click latest release then scroll to the bottom. I don’t think is a problem at all it makes people read about the iso etc;


Good, it filters out the idiots. :rofl:


The guy in the video is not someone known to have any reputation so i wouldn’t even watch it to begin with.


I also thought that it might be purposefully hidden. :disguised_face:


If you are not even able to find the download button on a website, even a downloaded ISO is of no use to you …


If there’s hell you’ll be watching random youtubers :rofl:

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I hate social media including random youtubers and tiktokkers! It’s all crap!


Linux Mint and Manjaro are two very popular, very big distros that clearly have the backing and the funds to develop a proper and decent modern looking website. With that said…

Most Linux distros however are all unpaid (or receive just enough funds to keep the lights on), and these volunteers either practically or ideologically, can’t put money into a fancy website, via either lack of funds, lack of skill, or lack of time or manpower. The ends just don’t always justify the means.

EndeavourOS, although rising in popularity to a degree, is not a big distro (yet), and judging from TheOpenCollective, does not have the funds necessary to pay a web designer to create and maintain a brand new, fully function, modern website. That takes time, talent, and money, all of which in the grand scope of things are better spent elsewhere.

The EndeavourOS website is maintained by the lovely folks here, it’d be kind of you not to diminish all their hard work they do voluntarily.

As for finding the download, it’s pretty straightforward. The top menu has “Download & Help” click that it shows “Latest Releases” click that and that takes you to the Download page. Since EndeavourOS devs put a lot of time and work into it, they put the latest release changelog before the download links (in the hopes a user reads it), so you know exactly what is going on before you download the .iso. This helps to prevent any confusion and in all honesty for the intermediate type of user EndeavourOS is geared towards, this makes a lot of practical sense to have the download links after reading all the changes.

If you really need a fancy website, maybe try Linux Mint or Manjaro :evergreen_tree:



I installed this distro two days ago and it is has a website that can be easily navigated. I personally don’t see a need for an ‘attractive’ website, and it’s not ugly or anything and the color scheme makes sense. If I was worried about the website instead of the functionality, aesthetic, and community associated with any distribution, odds are that I wouldn’t have tried have the distros I have installed on VMs and bare metal, especially since I sometimes go onto sites like ArchiveOS.org to take a trip back in time, and you’ll notice they don’t have any exotic scenery over there. I find that the distro comes before the website, and as long as word keeps spreading we can grow and then focus on other things later on.


Like I said… :joy:


I didn’t watch the video because I don’t watch rant videos. They serve no purpose except to increase the revenue and/or virtual fame of the youtuber.

That being said, I think feedback that the downloads could be more prominent is fair.

It isn’t that the download link at the top of the page is hard to find, it is that once you get to the page with the downloads, you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of a pretty substantial page to find them. This is atypical so it can be a bit confusing at first.


Well, I don’t particularly like the website either (not enough green, in my opinion), but that’s completely irrelevant. This guy is only posting this to rustle the jimmies, it’s obvious it’s not constructive feedback.