Youtube-dl Github Repo Taken Down

Time to push a mirror to your Gitlab :crazy_face:, youtube-dl github repo taken down due to DMCA takedown notice from the RIAA.

Here is their Github link.


khm-khm…TOLD YA!!!111111



P.S. F*** microsoft



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It’s not like Git is a distributed version control system or anything… :roll_eyes:


Microsoft <3 open-source!
Weeeeee :star_struck:

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I use youtube-dl quite a bit, and not for copyrighted material either. There are several YouTubers who put out original, very good instructional videos on a few topics that I’m interested in. They have no issues with people downloading and archiving their material.

I don’t think I’ve ever used it to grab copyrighted stuff.

I have other avenues for that :sunglasses:.


Oh, shirt! Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Safari had better watch out for their DMCA notice! After all, they can all be used to download (i.e. “down-line load”) videos from YouTube!


Hey, psst! :eyes:

We’ve heard you can read and write sequences of code…
We’re taking it down, thank you. :male_detective:


Record Industry A*sholes of America!

youtube-dl is not the only app out there that can do this, so this should be a fun game. :woozy_face:


:astonished: :scream: :scream_cat:

Give us all your sources, we gonna take it down to make <3 for open-source better!!! :male_detective:


youtube-dlc was a recent fork, so I guess it’s a case of incrementing the letter on the end of the name each time it gets taken down. :man_shrugging:


Computing, music, life in general, the corporates and governments try to take us down so they can profit. We will always find a way to Freedom! :grin:


ZDNet article; ‘RIAA blitz takes down 18 GitHub projects used for downloading YouTube videos’


GitHub, GitLab, whatever, bring it on! RIAA is American no? We are Linux, we are the world. Cut off the very internet and there will be another: wake up!


Wow, ****soft, all heart … heaven forbid people download videos (when they can’t access the invidious page, due to changes about invidious and then youtube deliberately changing things/blocking invidious regularly) … and heaven forbid someone doesn’t want to sit on youtube, with huge messages blocking access unless you sign away your soul … and what nasty timing generally; the “let’s harm people’s mental health even more” approach. The way these types behave, especially this year, they clearly don’t want anybody relaxing or enjoying watching something, or to have any stability in seeing what the channels they follow are posting.

The article seems to throw personal-use youtube/video downloaders in with pirates, ‘distributing music/sound’, which seems a bit extreme, and I don’t believe most users are doing that. To my mind, if youtube hasn’t taken down a video, they must be okay with that video being on youtube. But apparently it’s users’ fault if youtube doesn’t remove such and such.

Unpleasant that microsoft starting to show their nastiness again, prioritising helping google and the music/movie industry, and hiding any truth … yet also a relief; get weary of seeing people say ‘but they’ve changed’. There are other homes for code, and other social media places, so I look forward to that expanding.


Yes, same here … loads of great art channels, with tutorials, downloadable live-streams, draw-a-longs, allsorts, and many of those haven’t gone to other social media (yet, but fingers crossed) … nature videos, too.


I can only add my voice to that! :+1:t2:


In order to watch a video, you have to download it anyway, because your local computer needs to know which pixels to display at what time, and how to vibrate the membrane of the speaker to produce sound.

So, to be consistent, they should ban all software that can play a video sourced from some remote server.


So, to be consistent, they should ban all software that can play a video sourced from some remote server.

Lol, yes, this is where their arguments turn back on themselves.

Maybe they’re trying to push people to go to browser add-ons, too. Cutting off being able to browse/watch unless sign-in (no-go if championing privacy), and now trying to block offline viewing. They’d make a lot of money via data if people are pushed to use browser add-ons, and don’t know how to quickly save and manually install yt-dl/gui or use other methods.


Here is what’s been going on for quite a while now… adjusts tinfoil hat

They are not opposed to you downloading “content”, as you obviously have to do that in order to “consume” it. (What disgusting terminology, btw).

What they are objecting to, and are working hard to abolish, is you having a hard drive, or any form of local storage. They want everything to be cloud based, and they want computing to be a service. They don’t want you to be independent from their servers. They don’t want you to own anything. They want to abolish all property rights when it comes to your computer (and in general).

We see it everywhere. Games as online services, office suites as online services, movies and music as online services. “Creative Cloud”… “OneDrive”… “Gmail”…

It’s so convenient, you can do it from anywhere. Btw, watch these ads while you’re at it, and don’t forget to “consume content”!

Even worse, banning cash. Most of the money currently in circulation is not of the paper kind, it’s just numbers in bank accounts. Online banking and payments are becoming the norm. You want to have a private transaction that is not tracked? Why? What do you want to hide, criminal?

The endgame to this is obvious: a completely walled-in garden. Your computer being like a smartphone, just connecting to online services. And if you dare to have an opinion that is not allowed, they just cut you off.

Absolutely disgusting.