You should buy Titanfall 2 as it is on sale on steam. It has a gold rating on ProtonDB and the Lutris version works near flawlessly

Titanfall 2 is a futuristic FPS game developed by respawn entertainment.
It’s a finominal game that was sadly released between two other huge games.
It works well with proton and almost flawless with the Lutris version.

It’s on sale on steam so go check it out!.


I’d say that game is pretty simple and one-timer :slight_smile:
Still nice for sale i guess

You should buy … sale on steam


I will never make a Steam account or give a penny to a corporation that does not respect my privacy. Steam is spyware and the single worst thing that happened to PC gaming.

I’d rather pay 10 times more for a physical copy of the game (but I guess they don’t want my money :man_shrugging:t3:), than to have that malware installed on my PC.


DITTO on this.


“Steam is spyware and the single worst thing that happened to PC gaming.”

Idk if I can agree with this considering the likes of EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Nexon and Epic exist.

Valve and Steam have done a lot for the gaming space, agreeing with their privacy practices is another story. We wouldn’t even be considering gaming on Linux right now without Valve because the WINE folks didn’t seem to have any intention to care about it previously.

I don’t disagree with the state of privacy regarding the platform (tbh its more mystery than known in valves case) and online in general. I will disagree with hyperbole that isn’t true though.

Privacy as a whole regarding the internet needs serious work and Valve is far from the worst offender or the worst thing for the space


Well it’s hard to disagree that huge boost in Linux gaming was due to Steam & dxvk projects involvement, however still most of the work was done by Wine throughout the years :slight_smile:

So Steam is kinda double-edged sword…

But i very much disagree with their killing of private property basically, that was pandora box moment, although still you can save the game on your hard-drive or burn to disk etc :upside_down_face:

My disdain for Valve is not just about the privacy issue (though Steam absolutely is spyware), but the whole concept online distribution of games, which was mainly popularised by Steam, and the promotion of the asinine idea of games as services. But yes EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Nexon, and Epic are right there with Valve, just because I am appalled by one evil corporation, does not mean that I’m going to give slack to another.

We all have beloved games by all of these companies, but the fact they produced a good game from time to time does not absolve them of how they treat their customers. At least not in my book.


At least Steam OS is debian based :rofl:


I’m not saying they didn’t foot most of the work, just in regards to gaming they made what seemed to be minimal effort as it simply wasn’t what they wanted to do.

The state didn’t change for years since I started on Linux in 2006 with the gaming side of wine maintaining the same status till DXVK/Valve

I think the point was that several of those are doing things that are quite a bit worse than valve so the statement “Steam is spyware and the single worst thing that happened to PC gaming” perhaps doesn’t take into account how bad some of the other players have become.


I can agree with that

The lack of consumer ownership of products these days is even entering the mobile space where people “lease” phones and don’t own them. Its not a good trend to say the least.

Games have been a weird situation because even physical copies you apparently don’t own and they’re simply an agreement to let you use it. That’s been the case for years and Valve extended that to the digital market place and made selling them again not a thing.


That was my point, that Valve is certainly not the worst.

I don’t intend any company to be given slack on their practices

Perhaps you are right, but Valve originated this bad practice, at least on a large market scale. Perhaps some corporations went further to the evil side than Valve (I would say EA perhaps did the most), but Valve is the trend setter. The practice of having “game launchers” for the most part, originated with Steam.

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Sure, I am not a huge fan of the ongoing lack of ownership of games.

On the other hand, Valve has done some good things too. Especially for Linux gaming.

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Actually pretty positive the game launchers started with Korean companies and not Steam. Korean game companies had the plague of invasive anti cheat and a million launchers for a very long time now.

Valve is to blame for all the 1/2 assed digital marketplace attempts by other companies. Epic store is a cancer on the space with review manipulation and censorship built right in

Maybe, but nobody outside Korea heard of these companies.

You dont play MMOs or PUBG then lol

Nexon, Blue Hole (PUBG but moved to America now btw), Com2us, Joymax, Kakao, Webzen, Gamevil, NCSoft

All are huge players in the gaming space especially in korea and several outside it. They arent korea only friend

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No, I don’t. Nexon and Blue Hole are the only ones I’ve heard of on this list, and I had no idea they were from Korea. I guess they are the worst thing that happened to gaming, but I doubt this practice would become as prominent in the West, if not for Valve.

It started in Korea, then moved to the likes of Blizzard who started adopting the practice. Then we started seeing it pop up more and more across the space after Blizzard adopted the practice with WoW which is also a major trend setter in the gaming space. I watched this practice unfold over years as a big MMO player for a long time.

So it’s online gaming ruined everything!
Knew it! :upside_down_face: