WordPress supply chain attack

@Bryanpwo since you also use :clown_face:press, please make sure you were not p0wned :sweat_smile:
Seems that your theme also uses jetpack, but you know better :wink:


I think this is a great incentive to stop using WordPress in the current year, and adopt a more reliable approach of completely static HTML.

No server-side scripting, no frontend JavaScript, no :ox: :poop:.

Static web pages are beautiful, quick, and absent of anti-features.


1994 called, they want their web design philosophy back :joy:


We should not give it back. It was good then, it is good now.

What design…? :rofl:

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Geocities forever? :joy: :wink:

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What? How did you come up with Geocities, a service owned by an evil corporation? I never mentioned any of that… :roll_eyes:

I merely said that static web pages are awesome, and I stand by that.


I remember web design back then. Bloody hell it was horrendous, but awesome in a masochistic way :joy:

I loved learning HTML and making my first web pages, it felt awesome. Wouldn’t want to have to design something like a blog using it though, because whilst I’ve since learned how to code responsive web pages using CSS etc, it’s still a massive pain in the arse :joy:

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And at the height of Geocities’ popularity, static HTML was all the rage, hence why I mentioned it. Stop being so sensitive :joy:

Stop being intentionally misleading.

I’m not talking about Geocities, nor am I talking about pages that look like they were designed by a kid in 1994.

I’m talking about beautiful, modern, responsive web pages, that look great on any screen, mobile or desktop, but with no backend scripting, no databases, no logins, no cookies, no cross-site content and other such nonsense that have completely poisoned the web nowadays.

Like the best :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: website?


P.S. It’s really good.

Unironically, it’s great.

But it might not be for everyone. I’m not taking a purist, suckless stance here (even though I do see it as the ultimate ideal in web design). With HTML5+CSS3 a website can be made in a very fancy, artsy way and still be completely static.

Thanks for the notification, the themes and plugins used by us aren’t from Accesspress. Jetpack already informed me about this, btw. :wink:


Huh, that’s very nice of them actually, not many do that :slight_smile:


I think it is because we have the paid subscription, they even informed me that none of our used themes and plugins wasn’t infected.

Yeah, but still…you know even the banks and isps / vpns sometimes half a year after breach are acting like

What breach…?


That’s true!!! :rofl: :rofl: My previous bank was like that… What embezzlement?!? There’s none!! A couple of weeks later, it was all over the news


It was a joke, not misleading or any intent to. Again, stop being so sensitive :joy: