Why is git clone such absolute garbage?

I mean I can go to github.com in my browser and download or clone a repa and it works just fine.

But if I try to build a package from AUR with an aur helper i just get shit like

And the fucking download speed man! like 50kb/s, what is this 1999?

And why is the download so big? The source code if I download it from the browser is 3Mb, so why is git clone grabbing 100mb, where did these other 97mb come from, huh? What the fuck is this shit?

Why is there no support for retries if the download fails? or resuming downloads? Who is the fucking idiot that wrote this pieece of shit? I could do better with 5 minutes in bash! And I’m not even a real programmer!

Wtf is wrong with this absolute piece of garbage git clone thing, why is it causing so many fucking problems and why are we using it when it’s causing so many problems? We could literally just default to wget or something (that has problems too, but less…).

(Yes, before you ask, yes I’m mad, but seriously, anyone know how to unbreak this absolute filth?)

what is this rant good for :joy: talk to gihub, this forum is for Endeavour OS.

Whats your technical linux question tou need help with?

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I find your language completely inappropriate. This is not funny. And because I am here to help people just for fun, I will not help you.


it’s good for venting, venting is good. :smiling_face:

lol but doesnt solve your problem…

That’s your choice. I was not trying to be funny, I was dead serious.

@Zircon34 this isn’t the first time i’ve had this problem, it’s more like the 1000th time, i’ve followed just about every tip on the internet to try to fix it and I am reasonably certain it cannot be fixed, that’s why I’m just venting instead of trying to be productive, because it is more productive to vent at this point.

Yes. We all may need it for different reasons. However using a faulty language on this forum is neither welcome nor an effective way to rid you off your frustration.

I would suggest Primal Scream Therapy. Try it. You might find it useful.


Please refrain yourself from this kind of childish, inappropriate, and disrespectful behavior. Open source developers spend their free time and energy contributing to these projects. And guess what, most of them actually have day jobs and decide to contribute anyway. What have you contributed? It’s understandable to feel frustrated when a piece of software doesn’t perform, but to go on such a disrespectful rant? Really?

Yeah. That figures.

Going back to the actual problem. Please provide more details. Which aur package are you trying to build?




I get where you’re coming from, but why is everyone so sensitive these days on the internet? I do not understand how some guy on the internet saying a few bad words can actually bother anyone (also you saw the title, you knew what was coming when you clicked into this thread, don’t deny it). Unless they’re aforementioned idiot who coded the git clone functionality. I hope he reads this, and I hope he is very bothered by it, it would make me happy.

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Glad i was able to help!


Sensitive? Lol. What a complete joke. Aren’t you the one being overly emotional here? Remind me who’s the person going on a rant that is anything but productive?

Laughable. Lol. Have a nice life, buddy. Good luck in therapy.


Got this already when I read the 1st post.

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While the rant itself was and is in the wrong place NOTHING wrong with the language used.




tbh, it’s hard to find the right place.

It is here because this is a problem I am encountering on endeavouros. And it’s in the newbie section because having problems like this makes me feel like a total noob, even if I know by now that git is just seriously broken software.

Some forums have a rant section, this one does not. Newbie section was best i got.

The fact that your “rant” is directed at Git is misinformed, because it is very unlikely to be related to the issues you are experiencing.

No issues here.

==> Retrieving sources...
  -> Cloning mpv git repo...
Cloning into bare repository '/home/jeremy/.cache/paru/clone/mpv-git/mpv'...
remote: Enumerating objects: 341779, done.
remote: Counting objects: 100% (12940/12940), done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (1481/1481), done.
remote: Total 341779 (delta 12224), reused 11642 (delta 11453), pack-reused 328839
Receiving objects: 100% (341779/341779), 114.77 MiB | 4.14 MiB/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (269003/269003), done.

I just installed this package with Paru to test and it took about three minutes to download, build, and install.

It sounds like you have some network configuration issues.

When you build a package from source, it needs to pull down all of the libraries and dependencies necessary for building the package. If you want a binary, just install the normal package with Pacman.

That seems unnecessary. I’m on a work machine that only gets 30 Mbps down and I can still clone this repo in about thirty seconds.

Again, it seems like you have an issue with your network.


If that were true, this post never would have been written. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

We can already tell, based on your ability to use Git. :laughing:

Your issue is not Git, it is your network. Do you manage the network you are on or are you connected to someone else’s network? If someone else’s, it’s possible certain kinds of network traffic are being intentionally throttled.


When you clone, you make a copy. And with that, you are getting the ENTIRE project history back to the first commit. The entire thing. That’s why it’s probably so large versus the current actual size.

There are excellent git tutorials and information sources on the web and youtube. It’s good to know the basics, and one can go pretty deep too.

Yes. You can avoid this by doing a shallow clone and only pulling the latest copy of the files.

EVERYTHING is wrong with the language being used. There’s no reason to use F-words to describe anything. Not only is it completely inappropriate and unnecessary it’s disrespectful and we don’t need it in this forum!