Why is git clone such absolute garbage?

Well you’re the only one that knows it’s broken software. The rest of us use it quit often without any issues. :man_facepalming:

My network is fine for everything except, mysteriously git.

Also you really have a way of making a guy feel dumb huh? I dug that hole for myself though, can’t say I didn’t half expect something like that but stilll, I don’t rescind any of what I said besides calling him an idiot, git is trash (this is why I barely know how to use it actually, my only motivation to learn to use it is that other people use it a lot, but I have never liked it, i think it’s garbage at most of the thing it exists for)

So, what you’re saying is Linus Torvalds wrote the code for git clone back in 2005 and nobody has touched it since? That would explain why it’s shit, I mean Linus is a pretty good programmer, but in 2005 we weren’t really ‘there’ as far as download managers were concerned. I’m sure it was great… In 2005, but it’s 2024 now, and it’s lagging embarrasingly far behind (we should be using something else, surely there’s something new and better available by now). No resumes, if your connection isn’'t perfect you literally cannot use the damn thing (and even sometimes when it is you still can’t for mysterious reasons).

I could actually do better with 5 minutes in bash, maybe 5 minutes is an exaggeration, but you know, it wouldn’t take long relatively speaking. It isn’t rocket science to get a simple download manager that can resume paused or timeouted downloads and generally just work (unlike git… which only works about 70% of the time).

That doesn’t solve my problem though, which is that i need to build those packages from aur which doesn’t really let me do it any other way than using git unless i manually edit those pkgbuilds.

It’d just be a wasted effort for a download manager I don’t need cuz most browser already provide such a thing and most my downloads will indeed come from those in the first place, except package manager downloads.

Your issue is not Git, it is your network. Do you manage the network you are on or are you connected to someone else’s network? If someone else’s, it’s possible certain kinds of network traffic are being intentionally throttled.

You were so certain of that, i tried looking into it and indeed there was a slight network problem, not a big enough of one that it should have lead to this, my network was just slow, not dead. It was 3mbps (woulda been a fairly normal speed back in 2005 too) which git for some reason wasn’t able to fully utilize. When browsing this translated to images loading a bit slow, when trying to download from git, it translated to git being a broken piece of shit.

Aka it doesn’t change any of the talking points I made, except calling linus torvalds an idiot, I don’t think he’s an idiot, but he’s a big man and he can take it, he has been shit talking other programmers for a lot longer than I have.

AGAIN nothing wrong with the language. If you don’t want it on the forum fine, but make no mistake there is nothing wrong with the use of the language.

Ah, the good old “It works fine for me therefore there’s nothing wrong with it” argument lol.

Too bad I’m not as blessed to never encounter bugs (in git or otherwise) or always having perfect 10/10 spotless internet connection like you.

Like I said, git only works about 70% of the time for me and I actively avoid using it when I can, 90% of my use of it is just installing aur packages.

The truth is there are just quite a lot of variables with something like this that can go wrong, and git maximizes those variables instead of minimizing them so it goes wrong quite frequently for anyone who isn’t always in one place or on the same pc.

Yes, in your head. :grin:
20.5 MiB/s

==> Récupération des sources…
  -> Clonage du dépôt mpv git…
Clonage dans le dépôt nu '/home/gege/yaytmp/mpv-git/mpv'
remote: Enumerating objects: 341782, done.
remote: Counting objects: 100% (13577/13577), done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (1494/1494), done.
remote: Total 341782 (delta 12852), reused 12272 (delta 12077), pack-reused 328205
Réception d'objets: 100% (341782/341782), 114.77 Mio | 20.50 Mio/s, fait.
Résolution des deltas: 100% (268995/268995), fait.

AGAIN I’m afraid there is in my books! This is not how a normally intelligent human being talks. I have no interest in listening to anyone who want’s to use this kind of gutter language nor should anyone else have to be subjected to it and it’s not called for.


I have more problems with their website, sometime they kick me because I’m supposed to spend too much time browsing some repos. I “git pull” regularly for the linux-tkg kernel, no problem.

It all depends on how the words are used and where. Here is no place for it as there are people from many walks of life with many different beliefs. Some will be offended by just reading the word others will ignore it or like me struggle to get through the original post as it was hard to actually understand what was trying to be said and others will have no issue at all. There is a time and a place for all things and here is not the place.


Wow, you must be really unhappy in general if random words by strangers on the internet that aren’t even specifically said to you or about you can get you this worked up.

But honestly, that’s just your opinion, you would prefer if everyone spoke like high society schmoozers, I like the full spectrum of languages and am not afraid to use it as intended, and I would never criticize anyone for doing so.

Why did I use such ‘gutter language’ as you say? well it was to express my frustration. And it did the job wonderfully, my frustration was fully expressed, nobody here can say they didn’t understand the part where I was frustrated with git, can they? Language has been successfully used, as intended.

It’s a shame you do not like frustration being expressed, I happen to quite like it when others express their frustration, I’ll often respond similar to how keybreak did in this thread when they do, it’s fun, you should try it sometime. Or not.

But you know… If you think about it… Are you really any better? You did just insult my intelligence, oh you did it using prettier words, but it literally is no different from me calling someone an idiot, is it?

You are clearly quite angry (and have successfully communicated your frustration) with certain words being used, but you clearly also do not give two shits about their meaning beccause you are entirely willing to deliver the same exact meaning just using other words.

Isn’t language fun?

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Easy solution is just to mute it, I get where you are coming from. I see this post just going around in circles.


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