Why do you use Budgie DE

Dear forum users. Anyone here using Budgie DE? It suits me very well. It is convenient. My habits remained after Solid OS. And how is your case? Why did you decide on Budgie? I can not say and I would like to know what is better than, for example, Gnome. For me, it’s just convenience. What are your experiences and I would be happy to hear about technical issues in what is better / worse than Gnome

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Aesthetics over Gnome and not having a lot of bluetooth setup issues like I do under i3wm. That is probably the short answer. All in all I have zero issues with Bungie. It works, it’s easy and not fussy.

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To me, a proper DE has to enable both, a WYSIWYG-GUI, and DATA-PRIVACY. So in that respect, Gnome & KDE Plasma are falling way behind, as their hunger to collect user-data (and -metadata) obviously aren’t living up to my taste. Still I use both, Gnome & KDE, but I try to harden them both, as far as possible with minimal DE-owned package-sets installed, stripped, so to say. Haven’t used BUDGIE extensively, only tested it once or twice. Still like Xfce, as it is easy to set up and tune to my taste. Enlightenment and Pantheon I like, too…

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I know KDE has opt-in option for sending telemetry.
I wasn’t aware that GNOME collect data on their users.

If you are referring to

 pacman -Ss gnome-info-collect 
extra/gnome-info-collect 1.0.5-1
    GNOME system and user data collection tool

as it is shown, it is neither part of the gnome group nor gnome-extra.

Could you elaborate?


Guess I made a mistake there, regarding Gnome… thank you for pointing that one out. In my age-old memory, I still seem to confuse Gnome with Ubuntu.

As I said elsewhere before, getting old sucks dearly. So, please forgive me.



I prefer GNOME (and yes, I did opt in for one time info collect).
For me it just somehow clicks, I don’t know if I get GNOME or GNOME get me. I do not have many extensions enabled (5 in total I think).
The only “gripes” I have with GNOME is that I would prefer to open multiple PDF’s in one window and skip between, and Evolution feels old in aesthetics.

I did use KDE for over a year on my old Intel/Nvidia laptop, basically because X11 has better support for Nvidia than Wayland. Now I have a new laptop running AMD, so for me it was a no brainer to go back to GNOME.

I know this DE is not the lightest, but for me it doesn’t matter.


For me it does sometimes, like on my 2004 Fujitsu Amilo, and my 2009 iMac… the 2011 MacBook Pro runs happily with Gnome (and KDE) on Fedora with Btrfs (Sata-SSD).

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I’ve never heard about any privacy concerns regarding KDE. Can you give a bit more detail here pls?

Or did you mean the WYSIWYG GUI?

I guess they might be referring to:



Or something thereabout…

But if I am not mistaken, it is all opt-in.

You are not mistaken, it is all opt-in, and has to be actively chosen. You can even customize the amount/type of information shared (the default is of course none).


I love budgie but the gnome dependency is probably hurting. I have already seen some wonky artifacts after gnome 43 updates… I love how lightweight the DE is, and stays out of my way and has great aesthetics.

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Not really a fan.

Plasma works better as it offers immense customization. Gnome feels too barebone.

Also, on my dual monitor - GTK based DE stutters whereas KDE was butter smooth when using X11. Wayland is buggy for my use case still.

I never used Budgie. Seems that a while ago there were some discussions on the future of Budgie development, changes etc.

Not sure where things are at.

From what I know, the main Dev Solus OS focused on the development of Budgie

It’s a separate org now - https://github.com/BuddiesOfBudgie


My wife’s daily driver Linux computer is EnOS with Budgie on a ARM Odroid N2+

I offered to change it to Plasma and she didn’t want anything to do with it.

She likes the Budgie AppMenu which is like Gnome 4X AppMenu without “all the Gnome BS” (her words)

Budgie AppMenu widget



nice ! a lady with taste … :+1:

Good on Mrs Pudge , right choice :innocent:


This article is so stupid I can’t believe you actually posted it. Qt is a C++ framework, just because KDE uses Qt doesn’t mean Qt introducing a module is going to add adverts to KDE, has KDE used the QtCoin module? Or Qt3D module? Or any other number of Qt modules? Likewise this doesn’t mean other applications are going to magically just start using a module because Qt provides it. This is like saying there’s a new C module for quad precision floating point and then saying every C application in the world next year will be using it… no, that’s not how it works.

And it also looks like this is for their commercial version of qt anyway, so again, completely irrlevent for KDE

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Aye, I seems to get it some time. :blush: :rofl: