Why do Wine applications work better on Xfce than on Kde?

Hi all,

I have two EndeavourOs systems on the same machine on separate hard disks. One runs Xfce, the other runs Kde. Both are updated with the latest kernels, and both have the latest WINE installed with the exact same optional dependencies.

Funny thing is that most games work on the Xfce system quite well but won’t work (or with difficulty) on the Kde system. Same machine, same nvidia card, same everything.

Any reason why the Xfce setup runs games on Wine better than Kde?


The evidence is just too anecdotal to support a general statement like “Wine applications work better on Xfce than on Kde”.

I see no reason why they would or wouldn’t, and unless someone does some rigorous research into this, as far as I’m concerned, this is just another “cool story bro” moment. :roll_eyes:

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Although @Kresimir is kinda right…

Personally i see it opposite. It might be hardware related…
Compositor do have some effect on performance and i had little better results on KDE actually.

Certainly it doesn’t affect Wine ability to work at all or with some programs under exactly same conditions, there must be some factors at play that you’re missing.


I posted this to get help, and not to produce any “cool story bro” effect. I’m not into wasting my time writing posts, nor into wasting other people’s time answering them.

Is my evidence anecdotal? Of course it is, because it is happening to me on my machine. The general statement I formulated in my specific case is legitimate after a sufficient number of applications failed to run on Wine-Kde but ran on Wine-Xfce on this machine.

Finally, from my experience on this forum, people have been overwhelmingly courteous, so I am still hoping to get helpful answers to my post.

This could be the issue. Different hardware, maybe different swappiness.
Or you know something/someone botched your Xfce system. :wink:

From my side I cannot confirm this finding since I never noticed effect from desktop environment.

We have no knowledge what else and how did you insatall/configured on your system. When I had too many issues with wine it was easier to just delete .wine folder and start anew. There are so many configs that could go wrong.

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To get some meaningful help i would assume something like:

  1. List inxi -Fxxxz for both systems

  2. Dump all installed packages and diff them, to see exactly the difference

  3. Try to identify something else machine-specific (settings, configs) whatever it may be

  4. Check journactl -p3 -xb

  5. Launch affected program from terminal and see stdout / stderr output

One thing for sure - it’s certainly not normal expected behavior :upside_down_face:


Yes, good points, thanks!

Great, I’ll do this, thanks!

Same disks? Same age? SMART status? Connectors seated properly? Same boot parameters?
Just WINE or anything else that behaves differently?

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The slow performance might be related to the compositor (kWin)

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I used to play around with different DE’s and wine, I thought that I would see a difference but it was not visible in benchmarks.
The only thing that made some kind of difference in some applications was deactivating “Allow the window manager to decorate the windows” in winecfg - it solved some bugs and display issues that seemed to slow down the application, but had no effect on measureable performance.

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Will check, thanks!

Will check compositor, thanks!

Will check decorations, thanks!