Which mail client do you use on Android?


I’ve got a de-Googled phone and I am looking for a replacement for Gmail app.

I have looked at FairEmail and K-9 Mail.

I would like to hear from you if you have used one or both of these apps and if would like to share you thoughts.

Any other options that you find worth trying. Preferably FOSS.

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I believe K-9 mail is the best available on Android



I’ve got both installed but not setup yet. Good to get some confirmation/comments before, I thought :blush:


Have you looked at BlueMail ?

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None. I only do my mail correspondence at home on the computer. I don’t feel compelled to do everything immediately, so there’s always time until I’m back at the computer in the evening.

I use FairEmail. Everything works well and it’s clearly privacy focused. It doesn’t load anything except the text by default, it blocks tracking images, it lets you review every link (and even gives you the option to check who owns the URL) before you open it.
It’s rather expensive for a Android app and the set up isn’t the easiest out there but overall I really like it!

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Thanks for the reply and the tips!
I had a quick look at Bluemail. While it certainly looks to be an interesting solution, I couldn’t find that it was open source. I prefer, as long as I can and as much as I can, to use FOSS solutions.
But I will keep a note of just in case. Thanks again!

I totally understand that. But in my case, It can happen from time to time, that I am away from home for a somewhat extended period of time with only my mobile device. So for those rather rare cases I could use an email client on my phone. Then again I could use a web-browser as well :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for sharing your experience with FairEmail!
It sounds quite interesting with all the features you mention. However, unfortunately, when I tried to set it up, I got:


The provider mentioned is Tutanota. They do have a dedicated app in F-Droid which actually work just fine But I would have like to be able to add use a second account with another client.

Actually, so far I haven’t been able to to set it up with K-9 Mail either. I do get an error message there as well but it isn’t as “human readable” as this one. I need to dig a bit deeper.

Bluemail stores your mail on their server AFAIK.

I used to use K9 then went to Aquamail when I was on Android.

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FairEMail: Are ProtonMail, Tutanota supported?
Tutanota: Can I retrieve my Tutanota emails via IMAP to another email client?
The answer is: No!

My answer to your original question:
I am using K-9 for years now (and the rest of my family too). Recently they changed a lot in the UI. Some well known and often used functions where deleted. But in the end it is much better then e-mail clients of Samsung etc.
I am using FairEMail too. My biggest concern is, that some e-mail does not really look like it should. Especially e-mail with HTML is very different to Thunderbird or my webmail like Roundcube or Rainloop.

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Is it the one from MobiSystems on Play Store?
If that is the one, it comes with a few “backdoors”:


Thanks @marteng69 for the TL;DR answer! :sweat_smile:

So it seems that I’m better off to use Tutanota’s own app for one account and then a webbrowser for logging in to the second one.

And thank you for posting the links! I’ll have a look.

Thanks for the info! I appreciate it! Looks like more points are going to K-9 Mail despite removal of some features.

For what is worth, FairEmail has one rather innocent looking tracker:


I haven’t looked further into bugsnag though :blush:

It’s been a couple of years since I used it as I’ve switched to iOS, and I don’t think it was a MobiSystems product back then.

Definitely wouldn’t use it now given what you’ve highlighted.

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I just use Gmail in a Firefox web browser container.

I use my work email in k-9 and it works great!



Container? Do you use an extension for that? I am not sure how you do it.

Apparently I lied, it doesn’t work on Firefox Android, just Firefox desktop.

So I just just use it in a private browser tab. It’s not ideal, but it does work. But this is the addon I use on my computer for containers. It’s kind of like when you spin up a VM.

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Me too I use that extension in desktop Firefox. Thought perhaps it has been ported to the mobile version as well. Would be nice to have it there too.


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