Which laptop would be better?

I’m looking for a smaller laptop…

Cuz I have the work one on windows 11(quite a weird distro, ngl even arch is more stable than it, especially now I’ll have to not update it forcefully for 2 weeks, bcz bugs in windows updates) and the other one is far to big and heavy to carry it around is both a windows 10 backup laptop and it runs endeavour os from an external ssd.

I found some sites that sell second hand and refurbished laptops. And I could order one in a few months when I’ll save up some bucks…

I’m not sure which one would do better, here’s what’s on my list for now:

Okay. You’ve got a list of candidates, that’s great.

But the more important question is this: what are your other requirements besides the machine’s size?

Not too many req, only to have stuff like ethernet, HDMI and a few working USBs along with a working screen

DELL, although it’s low end machine - still build quality of DELL is mostly top notch.

P.S. F$CK Windows <insert_number>

What about ideapad laptops from Lenovo? They are pretty good

Lenovo, compared to most (not all) DELL - mostly joke, in my view.

With one exception - old ThinkPads with killed Intel ME! :sunglasses:

Come onnn, they are not so bad

Where have i said they’re bad? :upside_down_face:

I thought you implied that when you said “mostly joke”. :turkey:

Key word was compared, everything is in comparison…but yeah, build quality is not stellar.
Still Lenovo would be much better than let’s say…super-cheap Acer or something :clown_face:

Gobble gobble :handshake:

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HP is absolute rubbish, especially their “Elitebooks”. I use one of those daily, as it’s the laptop my company has given me for work. The build quality is atrocious, I broke the keyboard at least 5 times, and the first battery it came with almost exploded (got swollen so much that it permanently deformed the metal case).


Considering what you’ve just described, I’m surprised that it even lasted long enough for you to break the keyboard that many times.

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I’ve been using it for three years now, I expect it will be replaced this year. The service department ran out of spare keyboards.

Dell is my choice there. I like higher end Dell’s and Thinkpads. I’d avoid HP with the caveat I’d really like to try the HP Dev One at some point. But I can’t attest to that one particular model, I just want to try it since it came with PopOS

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Aaah…we got ourselves a programmer here! :rofl:
But yeah, what you’ve said is exactly what i’ve meant about build quality.

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Here it is in its current state:

The up arrow key is gone (from terminal use).

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Speaking from experience, no doubt. Makes me wonder if HP is truly the inspiration behind your user name.

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No…but it should! :rofl:

That FROGGE on your screen must have eaten the key… :frog:

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