What video call apps do you use?

Because of covid-19 the popularity of video call apps has been increasing lately. So it would be interesting to know what apps people are using to keep in touch with friends and family members. My favourite at the moment is Wire, but I have also used Skype and Viber.

Not a very “exciting” answer (especially in the world of FOSS), but for work I use zoom and MS Team (I like the first one much better than the second) and for meeting with friends I use Google Meet (it’s nothing amazing, but it gets the job done).

Maybe also see Web Cam Conferencing Software

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Thank you posting that!

yes I’m currently in the process of testing Jitsi to monitor my son doing home work at home via the web cam on his laptop.

There is an option to set up a Jitsi Server that I’m going to start researching soon.

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Sorry, I didn’t notice that topic already exist… :flushed:

No problem, wasn’t meant as a lecture/reprimand; just to inform you :slight_smile:

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Signal, and I sync it with my phone though KDE-Connect. Works great and it’s encrypted.

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Wait, sync through KDE-Connect?
I know one should be able to send SMS but I wasn’t aware you can actually send regular Signal messages too?
You know there is a desktop app for Signal?

Yes, I got it installed and it synsc through KDE-Connent. I kind of forgot to mention the desktop app. :rofl:

Zoom and Skype

Now this is interesting, how did you make it sync through kde-connect? And why? Don’t they use a direct wifi connection between phone and pc? Hence no need for something like KDE-Connect?

By the way, I use Signal as well, and Matrix, and a few others I’d like to get rid off :smile:
But nothing from Mr. Zuckerberg…

Ah yes, and regarding the initial question: Zoom for business (it just works no matter how many attendees), and testing Jitsi running on my Arch server whenever possible…

I use to use Telegram, but haven’t recently. I’m going to check out signal, didn’t know zoom was available for linux.

Not to bash anyone or anything like that…but Zoom, Skype? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Come on, where’s your privacy?! :sweat_smile:

Richard Stallman should spank you all with Tux, and rightfully so! :penguin:


Forced to use it by stupid people at work

EDIT: Had to use Zoom for a business meeting today, critical business info was shared in this meeting. I sat there and shook my head.

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The desktop app unfortunately still doesn’t have any calling capabilities, though I do know that’s in beta right now.

Separately, I really liked Wire for a long time, has way more features than Signal, but I just couldn’t get people to adopt it. Signal is generally easier to get people to hop on.

Yeah well…That’s sad & insane, especially forcing aspect.

I hope at least they pay you bank-robbery amounts of money, coz otherwise you shouldn’t follow such non-sense people! :upside_down_face:

In my experience you can always find a very good job (even in current desperate times), if you say no to this corporate crap like “You must use Windows and Zoom.”, all that should really matter is that you do your work and do it in time…other stuff not so much.

Unless of course you work at Microsoft or Zoom directly :rofl:

Usually if top level people doesn’t understand that simple thing from the go, you’ll not get very happy with them very fast anyways, so why bother :wink:

All that was written with tin-foil hat on, obviously :cowboy_hat_face:

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Things that haunt you for 500, Alex.


OK even I think this is funny :laughing:


I have used Telegram for some time now and I really like it. I have it on my phone and tablet. Now when they have included video calls feature also it has become quite nice package.

Yes, a wifi-connection is needed. I do it because of practical reasons, say I’m in the kitchen cooking, then I get a text message, and if i deem it necessary to give a longer answer I go to a computer and use the keyboard to answer, I simply hate typing long messages on the phone.

I really like KDE-Connect; pausing and changing tracks while listening to music from the phone, transferring files and so on.

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