What to do after install

im completely new to Linux and i was wondering are there any apps/things i should install to make my life easier

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Hi and welcome to the forum @OctoTV that all depends on what you are going to be using your PC for. There is a section in the Welcome app that has some common apps in it that people install after. Also have a read of this How to run a stress-free EndeavourOS and check out the wiki. And most of all don’t be afraid to ask for help.


thank you so much for the help ill check out that link now

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You’re welcome

so i done most of this am i good to go now or are there some other things that should be done

Not really unless you run into issues. Sit back and enjoy your new install :grinning:

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Use whatever apps you need.

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EndeavourOS comes fully operational out of the box. There is nothing to do after install, except use your computer normally.


The one thing missing from that guide that is very useful, IMO, is setting up automated snapshots and installing btrfs-assistant (assuming you are using btrfs as your filesystem).

btrfs-assistant is a great tool for managing system snapshots and rolling back to a previous state, should something bork your system.

The steps required are outlined here:

Take your time and read documentation, articles in ArchWiki on system and package management etc.

Get to know your system and how it is build. Arch is first and foremost a do-it-yourself distribution but the forum here is to help whenever you need help or have questions.

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generally speaking, no, EndeavourOS offers all the tools for general operations right out of the box.
However, if you have a specific goal you want to achieve, then you may require additional software. Everything boils down to your needs or desire to explore new options: office work? coder? audio production? video? photographer? designer? gamer? and so on.
Don’t be in a hurry, enjoy the linux journey slowly, as it takes time but it is extremely rewarding.


thats what ive been told its also why i chose EndeavourOS i was told it was DIY, and that’s what i wanted as for what im using it for i booted it onto my laptop so i could try out Linux im an art student so Photoshop and maya are pretty important to me i also do light gaming on my laptop (i mostly use my desktop)

Welcome to :enos:

Photoshop will need to be replaced with Gimp. As Adobe has a hatred for Linux for what ever reason.

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yea i noticed that

understood. If, for whatever reason, you are absolutely set on trying to replicate the “photoshop” experience, then allow me to suggest PhotoGIMP (rather than “vanilla” GIMP), as its goal is to do exactly that.
You can find all the info here: PhotoGIMP (GitHub)

However, if your mindset is more flexible and you want to move out from Photoshop’s boundaries (like me, I was using it before it was named “Photoshop”, grow tired), then I highly HIGHLY recommend Krita instead. Krita is more oriented to digital painting and 2D animations, but it can do pretty much anything Photoshop can (my team use that for professional grade photoediting in combo with PhotoGIMP for some nice script) and much more. It is a criminally underrated software with the sole fault of being free and open source.

Drop Maya, go Blender.
Oh, and become friend with DarkTable (it smokes Lightroom any day).

Have fun!


Run Photoshop in a VM, that way you still have photoshop. Replacing photoshop with something else - well, you may not find a suitable replacement.

I don’t know if blender is a good replacement for maya, but blender has a good reputation.

That’s my 2 cents.

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ive never heard of this ill give it a try after i get home from work

the only problem with that is i have a maya license which isnt cheep

is a vm hard to set up and run ppl on reddit were complaining about it and it made me a little scared

Yes and no, for my use cases it’s only really a matter of installing but because you seem to want to use it for programs like Photoshop it may take a bit of extra work.

I’m not scared of the extra work that’s one of the reasons I chose Endeavor the ppl on Reddit were making it seem impossible lmao but if it’s doable that’s all I needed to hear