What to do after install

If you run into any issues start a new thread and post in as much detail what is happening. Good luck with getting it up and running.

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Thank you again so much for you help

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If we’re only talking basic photo editing then I like to use Photopea instead, as it is very similar to PS in terms of tools and UI.

If you do need the full PS experience, though, a VM isn’t too taxing to set up. I run Windows 11 in one for work stuff and it’s very been handy.

I suggest using virt-manager instead of VMWare or Virtual Box due to better performance. I laid out the config I used to set it up in this thread here.

Are Photoshop and Maya the default apps used in whatever post-graduate and/or business setting you intend to enter after school? If so, why would you completely switch to a platform that does not run those tools natively? I realize I am going to get flamed for suggesting to stick with Windows, but for school and work, why would you purposely make you life more difficult trying to run alternatives when your profession may demand certain apps? Enjoy Linux on a spare machine, or inside a VM. Sure, you may be able to find work-a-likes, but why do that to yourself. It seems like a strange form of masochism.

Oh I forgot to say this is the OG post but I put EOS on my laptop bc I wanted to try Linux my main workstation still runs Windows I just wanted to play around and see if it’s right for me

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pacman -S ufw is usually my first thing after install. I’m not fond of the native firewall, but I am in the minority.

activate the flatpak repo.

do some serious, serious research on how the AUR works, how you can look up a package, what signs are positive, what signs are negative, and think about it. if you use AUR educated it will be your frend. if you use it reckless/willy-nilly it will bite you. --always search for a package you need in pacman -Ss packageIreallyneed first. AUR second. Flatpak third.

tweak all the theming to your hearts delight for 12 hours.

MOST important: find some Endeavour Maintenance threads: KNOW them. CUT AND PASTE them, and UNDERSTAND THEM. There’s a handful of commands you need for good housekeeping monthly and a couple ways to update daily if you wish. This is a ‘terminal-centric’ distro as far as package manager for sure. It’s so important you 'GET" this distro.

Understanding this distro/DE is FAR FAR FAR more important than getting any packages right now. And that goes for any distro.

short version: learn basic terminal stuff for system upkeep and read enough for a general sense of how Arch works. that understanding is 1000X more important that installing a package or theming your rig at this point.

Welcome to Linux, it’s not hard, it’s just a different mindset re: getting shit done. Internet the same, your games the same, you can stream stuff the same. Filesystems, terminal, upkeep etc the really important stuff is different and you need to know it.

my two pennies ^

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This is a great and to the point ,I don’t replace the firewall, no need for me, but the rest of it is 100% on point especially this

Don’t be scared of the terminal. After all if you wanted things to be easy then you would be using not Arch or any of its derivatives like EOS.

By the way - Welcome :wave: to the forums :slightly_smiling_face:

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